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Rezoning Applications and Proffer Amendments

A rezoning is a change to the County zoning map. To determine the current zoning of the property, see How do I find my Zoning District? Once the current zoning for the property is identified, consult the Zoning Ordinance to determine if the desired land use is allowed. If a desired use is not allowed under the current zoning of the site, a rezoning application may be filed. A request for rezoning should be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan long-range land use designation. This designation can be viewed on County Mapper. As a guide in determining consistency, the Comprehensive Plan provides a Compatibility Matrix for Zoning and Comprehensive Plan Designations.

It is recommended that prior to submitting a rezoning application, a prospective applicant call the Planning Office at 703-792-7615 to schedule a pre-application meeting with a planner.  This allows for the early identification of possible issues regarding the property and the potential application. It also introduces the applicant to the review process.

Rezoning applications are submitted to the Planning Office for staff review. The Planning Office staff will prepare an analysis and recommendation for consideration by the Planning Commission at a public hearing. The Planning Commission is a standing committee appointed by the Board of County Supervisors to advise the Board on land-use issues. At a subsequent public hearing, the Board will consider the case and the Commissioners' recommendation, and either approve or deny the application. The Board action is final.

Consult the following when submitting a rezoning request:

 As part of the rezoning process in Prince William County, the applicant may voluntarily proffer conditions to mitigate impacts resulting from the proposed use of the land. These proffer statements are reviewed as part of the rezoning application, and are accepted by the Board of County Supervisors with its approval of rezoning applications.

Questions or comments? Contact the Planning Office at or 703-792-7615


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