Public Facility Reviews 

brentsville hs 82010.JPGPublic facilities such as telecommunication towers, water tanks, schools and sewer lines are required to be located and constructed consistent with the Comprehensive Plan (Plan). In some instances, locations of public facilities are shown in the Plan and no further review is required. However, if the public facility is not shown in the Plan, a Public Facility Review (PFR) may be required. 

Public facilities, such as correctional facilities and sewage treatment plants, are required to go through a formal review process, including a public hearing before the Planning Commission, to ensure that the public has an opportunity to provide input on the facility’s location, character and extent. Most PFR requests, however, are handled administratively by the Planning Commission without a public hearing.

Applicants are asked to complete a Public Facility Review Application. Note that certain types of public facilities, such as telecommunications facilities, are required to submit specific technical information necessary to evaluate the impact of the facility.

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