Rezoning, Special Use Permits and Zoning Permit Fees

Fees Effective July 1, 2014

fees 2.jpgThe links below identify fees charged in connection with the review and processing of applications for rezoning, proffer amendments, special use permits and zoning permit fees. Applicants should use these schedules to identify fees associated with their respective applications.
The fee schedules for rezoning and special use permit applications can also be found as part of the rezoning and special use permit application packages.
Checks for land use review fees must be made payable to Prince William County and be submitted as part of the application process.
Refunds: A refund of 25% of the application fee shall be returned to the applicant if the rezoning or special use permit application is withdrawn prior to the submission of a newspaper advertisement announcing the Planning Commission public hearing. Cases withdrawn after the advertisement will not have any funds reimbursed.


If you have any questions concerning any of these fee schedules contact the Planning Office at 703-792-7615.