Comprehensive Plan

Comp Plan 2008 Cover.jpgA Comprehensive Plan is a general guide to the location, character, and extent of proposed or anticipated land use, including public facilities. It provides guidance for land use development decisions made by the Planning Commission and the Board of County Supervisors. Section 15.2-2223 of the Virginia Code requires every governing body to adopt a comprehensive plan for the physical development of the territory within its jurisdiction. The Code further requires that comprehensive plans be reviewed every five years, to ensure that the plan is responsive to current circumstances and that its goals are still supported by the citizenry. Each comprehensive plan is based on an analysis of current land use and future growth and the facilities needed to serve existing and future residents – such as roads, parks, water and sewer systems, schools, fire stations, police facilities, and libraries.
The Prince William County Comprehensive Plan contains a strategy for responsible, fiscally-sound growth to produce a vibrant, prosperous, stable, "livable" community. It contains recommendations for future land use, transportation systems, schools, parks, libraries, historic and environmental resources, and other resources, facilities, and services. It is implemented through Plan maps, a Capital Improvements Program, a subdivision ordinance, and a Zoning Ordinance and Map.
The 2008 Prince William County Comprehensive Plan was officially adopted by the Board of County Supervisors on March 18, 2008. The Comprehensive Plan is available for purchase from the Planning Office (Pricing and Order Form). Comprehensive Plan maps are available for purchase from the GIS Office. You may also view and print versions of the Plan documents as indicated below:
 Comprehensive Plan Chapters
Direct any questions concerning the Comprehensive Plan to the Planning Office at 703-792-7615; visit the Planning Office in the Development Services Building at 5 County Complex Court, Prince William, or e-mail