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Comprehensive Plan Update

Cover page of the 2008 Comprehensive PlanTechnical update to the comprehensive plan and update to the economic development chapter of the comprehensive plan

At the March 10, 2015 meeting of the Board of County Supervisors the initiation of updates to the following parts of the Comprehensive Plan was approved by BOCS Res15-190:

2008 Comprehensive Plan Update

The 2008 Comprehensive Plan update process included the following:
  • a technical update (completed in March 2008);
  • an update to the Potomac Communities Revitalization Plan (completed March 2008);
  • an update to the Housing Chapter (completed in February 2009);
  • an update to the Schools Chapter (completed in December 2009);
  • an update to the Transportation Chapter (completed in February 2010);
  • an update to the Environment Chapter (completed in December 2010);
  • an update to the Innovation Sector Plan (completed in January 2012);
  • an update to the Long-Range Land Use Chapter (completed in July 2012);
  • an update to the Cultural Resources Chapter (completed in September 2012)
The final versions of the texts have been posted to the Comprehensive Plan Web page.
Questions or comments? Email the Planning Office at or call 703-792-7615. 


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