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Comprehensive Plan Amendments

​​UPDATE: Please select the following link for Comprehensive Plan Amendment Applications received for consideration in 2017.

Comprehensive Plan Amendment Applications are reviewed annually. To be considered for review, all applications must be received in the Planning Office no later than the close of business on the first Friday of the year. The following applications are exempt from this due date requirement:

  • Applications within the Potomac Communities (areas east of I-95);
  • Applications for "targeted industries";
  • Applications within an existing, or for a new, Center of Commerce or Center of Community;
  • Applications for commercial or mixed use development with a commitment to a concurrent rezoning;
  • Re-designation of public land to private use or ownership.

Applications are then forwarded to the Board of County Supervisors for initiation. If initiated, an amendment will be heard by the Planning Commission then forwarded, with the Commission's recommendation, to the Board of County Supervisors for final action.

Pending Comprehensive Plan Amendments

The following cases are pending comprehensive plan amendments (CPA) that have been initiated by the Board of County Supervisors. Following initiation, applicants will be submitting additional information with a concurrent Rezoning request.  CPAs that have been filed with a concurrent rezoning request may be found on the Pending Planning Cases Interactive Map Application.

  • Virginia Gateway Addition (West); CPA2015-20000 - Change +/- 10.02ac from CEC, Commercial Employment Center, and SRL, Suburban Residential Low, to RCC, Regional Commercial Center
  • Innovation Town Center; CPA2016-00005 -  Comprehensive Plan Amendment for +/-78.65 acres from Regional Employment Center (Rec) - Commerce Office/R&D High Profile (CH) and Commerce Office/R&D (CO) to Regional Employment Center (REC) - Town Center Mixed Use (TM).  The Property is on the East side of The Prince William Parkway (Route 234) approximately 1,100 feet North Of its intersection with University Boulevard and extending North to Wellington Road.  Brentsville Magisterial District.
  • Virginia Gateway Addition (Limestone Drive); CPA2016-00004 - Comprehensive plan land use designation for +/-24.0 acres from FEC, Flexible Employment Center, to RCC, Regional Commercial Center. The property is northeast of the intersection of Limestone Drive and Wentworth Green Drive and approximately 1,400 feet south east of the intersection of Wellington Road and Limestone Drive. The site falls within the Route 29/ I-66 Special Planning Area and the Airport Safety Overlay District. Concurrently processed with REZ2016-00019. Brentsville Magisterial District.
  • Kline Property; CPA2016-00007 - To amend the Comprehensive Plan land use designation for ±100.45 acres from CEC, Community Employment Center, and SRR, Semi-Rural Residential, to CEC, Community Employment Center, with a Center of Community Overlay and with an expanded study area.  The property is located south and southeast of the intersection of Prince William Parkway and Liberia Avenue and north of Buckhall Road.  The site is addressed as 8129, 8227, 8231, 8341, and 8351 Prince William Parkway, and 10175 Lake Jackson Drive.  The site is identified on County maps as GPINs 7895-12-8843, 7895-23-2666, 7895-23-4912, 7895-32-0193, 7895-33-1607, and 7895-32-7841, and is zoned A-1, Agricultural, and designated CEC, Community Employment Center, and SRR, Semi-Rural Residential, in the Comprehensive Plan.  The project area is east of the City of Manassas, and is partially located within the Prince William Parkway Highway Corridor Overlay District. (Concurrently processed with REZ2016-00021, Kline Property)  Coles Magisterial District.
  • John Marshall Commons; CPA2016-00002 - Comprehensive Plan Amendment for +/-27.7 acres from Community Employment Center (CEC) to Village Mixed Use (VMU). The Properties are West of existing Tyler Elementary School, East of the former Pace West School and North of John Marshall Highway and South of I-66.  Gainesville Magisterial District.
  • Bradley - 234; CPA2016-00006 – Initiate a Comprehensive Plan Amendment for +/- 20 acres to change the land use designation of the property from Community Employment Center (CEC) to Suburban Residential Medium (SRM). The site is located 200 feet north of Bradley Cemetery Way and east of Dumfries Road (Route 234). Coles Magisterial District.
  • Zetlin Property; CPA2017-00002 - To amend the Comprehensive Plan land use designation for ±17.22 acres from SRL, Suburban Residential Low to CEC, Commercial Employment Center, to provide mixed-use project.  Applicant will submit concurrent rezoning application.  Brentsville Magisterial District.

The following are pending comprehensive plan amendments that have been initiated by the Board of County Supervisors and do not have a concurrent rezoning.  

  • Comprehensive Plan Technical Update - A technical update to the Comprehensive Plan through Res. No. 15-190.  The update consists of incorporating ​​changes due to new policies and land use decisions, removing completed action strategies, updating demographic information, updating maps, ​acknowledging changes in State and Federal law and inventorying new infrastructure. In addition, the Board of County Supervisors directed policy changes that would be evaluated such as level of service (LOS) for public safety and changes to the maximum student capacity for schools, which was necessitated by the 2014 update to the Policy Guide for Monetary Contributions (Proffer Policy).
  • Economic Development Plan Update - An update to the Economic Development Chapter ​through Res. No. 15-190.  The update consists of incorporating new policies regarding targeted industries, new economic development initiatives, and guidance for future initiatives. 
  • Level of Service Standards; CPA2016-00010 - A Comprehensive Plan amendment to review all level of service standards, including, but to limited to, the capacity of the various types of County infrastructure. 
  • Urban Development Areas (UDA); CPA2016-00001 -  Comprehensive Plan Amendment to Recognize That Land Use Designations Currently Contained Within the County’s Comprehensive Plan Meet the Density Requirements of Urban Development Areas for the Purposes of HB2 Transportation Project Prioritization


Contact the Planning Office

To submit your comments, concerns or ideas on any of the pending comprehensive plan amendments, choose one of the options below:

  • Use the online Comment Form.

  • E-mail comments to Use the case name or number as the subject.

  • Complete and print the Stakeholder Questionnaire and email the form, fax the form to 703-792-4401, or mail the form to:

    Planning Office
    5 County Complex Court, Suite 210
    Prince William, VA 22192 ​


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