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Parks and Recreation
Planning Process Details

1.    Conduct existing conditions analysis that includes the following:

a.     Natural resource constraint analysis which includes:

                                          i.    Environmental constrains

                                         ii.    Cultural resources

b.    Planning and needs analysis which evaluates needs with planning goals and objectives

                                          i.    Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan

                                         ii.    Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan

                                        iii.    County Comprehensive Plan

2.    Conduct public information session and publish existing conditions analysis for public consumption:

a.     Post existing conditions on website

b.    Set up email

c.     Post responses

d.    Conduct public information meeting to do the following:

                                          i.    Introduce existing site conditions

                                         ii.    Explain the planning process

                                        iii.    Identify community issues

                                        iv.    Respond and answer questions


3.    Develop conceptual alternatives based on the following:

a.     Initial community input and issues
b.    Existing conditions analysis
c.     Planning and needs analysis


4.    Present alternatives to Parks and Recreation Commission

a.     Get input
b.    Revise alternatives


5.    Public park planning workshop(may be multiple meetings)

a.     Community can evaluate uses and alternatives
b.    Obtain feedback
c.     Identify preferred alternative

6.    A master plan is drafted

a.     Based on community input and preferred alternative

7.    Hold formal public BOCS hearing

a.     Provide overview of master planning process
b.    Provide overview of what has been involved to date
c.     Present master plan
d.    Obtain public input on perfected master plan


8.    Receive public comment for 1 month

a.     Post master plan and all background info on website
b.    Allow for additional public input through website

9.    Revise master plan based on public input

10.  BOCS approval of master plan


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