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League Contacts

Please note league season(s) of play before calling.  A: Apr-Aug; B: Jun-Aug; C: Aug-Nov; D: Nov-May


 Eastern/Mid-County Areas
Coles District Little League (A,C) - R. Pfitzner
Dale City Little League (A, C) - B. Francis (703) 380-7344
Dumfries District Little League (A,C) - M. Barlow (703) 441-8747
Woodbridge Little League (A, C) - P. Habina (703) 491-5553
 County-Wide Legends Baseball (A, C) - R. Cortese (703) 850 -6088 
Virginia Cannons (A, C) - C. Baird (703) 638-9926 
 Western County Areas Brentsville District Youth Baseball (A, C) - K. Baker 
Bull Run Little League (A, C) - R. Sawyers
Gainesville Haymarket Baseball League (A, C) J. Sachs (571) 288-6130


 Eastern/Mid-County Areas Eastern PW Basketball Association (D) - C. Luckett (703) 791-3615
 Western County Areas Gainesville Basketball Association (D)


 Eastern/Mid-County Areas

American Pride Youth Football (A,C) (including Flag) Email Us
American Youth Football NVYAA (C) T. Keiling (703) 932-1699 
Dale City Sports Club (C) C. Anderson (703) 670-6921 

Western County Areas

Gainesville-Haymarket Youth Football (A,C) (including Flag)
     V. Benjamin (703) 898-2080
Manassas Youth Football (A,C) (including Flag B. Edwards (703) 732-9910

 Eastern/Mid-County Areas Prince William Lacrosse Club (A) - Mr. Donnelly
 Western County Areas
Manassas Battlefield Youth Lacrosse (A) - C. Lenard (703) 895-9802
 County-wide PW Youth Rugby Football Club (A,B) -  J. Jacobs (703) 754-4414
 Eastern/Mid-County Areas

Prince William Soccer (A,C) (including adults) - Office (703) 670-6061 

Woodbridge Soccer Club "Strikers"

 County-Wide Northern VA Soccer Club (A,C) (including adults) - Office (703) 794-7672
 Western County Areas Virginia Soccer Association (A,C)
 Eastern/Mid-County Areas

Christian Fellowship Softball League (A) - R. Alston (703) 508-0254
Prince William Girls Fastpitch Softball (A,C) - J. Benskin (703) 541-9933
PWC Coed Softball (A,C) - J. Jackson (703) 598-2494
Woodbridge Men's Softball League (A,C) - B. Terrant (703) 939-1145
Woodbridge Women's Softball (A) - D. Rooks (703) 590-4670


PW Lassie League/Slow Pitch (A) - B. Rutherford (703) 878-1225
PWC Seniors' Association (A,C) - B. White (703) 791-3196

 Western County Areas

Manassas Church Softball League (A,C)
NoVA Softball/Manassas Men's League (A,C) G. Thomas (571) 220-0158
PWC Girls Softball Little League (A,C) Contact Us 
WPWC Coed Softball League (A,C) - G. Thomas (571) 220-0158 

 County-wide Manassas Volleyball League - Adults (D) - C. Hereford (703) 670-9363 (6-9p)



Nokesville Horse Society, Inc. -  K. Boberek (571) 220-9234
Northern Virginia BMX (A,C) - Track Operator (703) 951-7269
Rainbow Therapeutic Equestrian Center (703) 754-6159


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