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Children's Programs


Science in the Park

Our highly-rated program is wonderful for schools and homeschool groups, and field trips, and as an introductory or review topics for students. We teach hands-on lessons using our local fields, forest, streams and lake as an outdoor classroom. This program is based on the Virginia SOL Science curriculum. Spaces fill up fast, please reserve your group now for dates in March to June. Weekdays only.

Contact Ron Neuhaus​ or call (703) 494-5565 for scheduling and details.

Typical day:

10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. (Time negotiable)
Lunch under one of our outdoor pavilions (brown bag, provided by group)




  • Senses - hug a tree, sounds & colors
  •  Texture collecting
  •  Basic needs of plants & animals
  •  The shapes of nature

First Grade​

  •  Ecosystem features
  •  Plant attributes
  •  Natural resources
  •  Everybody Needs a Home!
  •  Animal characteristics

Second Grade

  •  Textures: field and forest
  •  Life cycles of living things
  •  Ecosystems & habitats

Third Grade

  •  Habitats: Scavenger hunt & hike
  •  Stream & pond study
  •  Soil
  •  Water supply
  •  Food chains & predator/prey
  •  Relationships

Fourth Grade

  •  Ecosystem features
  •  Ecosystems
  •  Watersheds
  •  Geological regions
  •  Rocks
  •  Trees & forests

Fifth Grade

  •  Key to invertebrates
  •  Five Kingdoms hike
  •  GPS and Geocaching
  •  Weathering and erosion

Sixth Grade

  •  Water macro invertebrates (lake & stream)
  •  Watersheds


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