Equipment Orientations



As part of our commitment to the community, The Chinn Center offers our a unique opportunity to be instructed one-on-one by our professional Fitness staff. Equipment Orientations include an introduction to the basic use of designated equipment, safe and effective exercise techniques and an overview of fitness principles and guidelines. FREE to all members ages 16+ and community youth ages 12-15 by appointment only.

An added benefit of participating in our Fitness services is that even after your orientation, we are still available to assist you! From the time we open to the time we close there is always a Fitness Attendant staffed to answer questions and guide you.


Teen Orientation

Ages 12-13: Upon completion, young people in this age group will be eligible to workout independently on the cardiovascular equipment.

Agest 14-15: Upon completion, young people in this age group will be eligible to workout independently on the cardiovascular and strength training equipment.


Adult Orientation

The Adult Equipment Orientation is completely customizable. You decide what you would like to learn how to use and we will guide you.

Don't forget to follow up your orientation with your FREE one-on-one Personal Training Consultation. By appointment only.



Personal Training


While some people consider personal training a ftiness luxury, others view it as a necessity. 
Whether you're a time-crunched fitness enthusiast, an individual with medical needs, or just getting started - affordable personal training options are available. Having a customized fitness program 
designed by a certified and experienced professional can make all the difference in acheiving your goals. 
Beyond reaching your goals, you will receive the individualized attention, motivation and guidance you need to prevent injury and increase accountability.

Here at Chinn, we offer FREE one-on-one personal training consultations to get started. In addition to one-on-one personal training, we also offer program design semi-private or small-group personal training or program design services that work with any budget. For more information contact Jennifer Hawkins, Fitness Manager, at 
703-730-1062 or




Group Fitness Classes



Stay motivated with a fun and engaging group setting! Our class schedule offers over 60 classes per week on the land or in the water to improve your cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, flexibility, balance, and more! Each class is taught by a certified group fitness professional to ensure a top-notch experience. Drop-ins are welcome at any time. For more information contact Beverly McIntyre, Fitness Specialist II, at 703-730-1060 or


Group Fitness Schedule for Aquatics/Land


We are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in Fitness so give us some feedback! If there are programs you would like to see or if you're interested in joining our team contact Jennifer Hawkins, Fitness Manager, at 703-730-1062 or Beverly McIntyre, Fitness Specialist II, at 703-730-1060.