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Pat White Center at Ben Lomond
Ben Lomond Dance

​Children's Dance

We invite dancers - and newcomers - to join in the fun! 
  • Program runs September through June
  • Performance opportunities
  • Experienced professional dancers as teachers
  • Featuring ballet, tap, jazz, pointe, ballroom, modern and hip-hop
  • Dance classes are offered for children ages 2 to 17, in Five sessions:  
    Registration is accepted throughout the year.  Placement for students is determined by instructors.

     2015-2016 Parent Welcome Packet

    We offer a performing company for students seeking more opportunities to dance.  All students are welcome to perform in our
    yearly Nutcracker, Jazz Tap Recital and our year-end ballet performance. 
    For more information, please call (703) 792-8325 or
    e-mail Dance Program Coordinator for more information.


    AgesActv #DescriptionBeg DateEnd DateTime PeriodMeeting Days
    11-17304402Begin Teen HipHop9/12/201610/31/20167:00P- 8:00PM
    7-10304402Kidz Hip Hop9/12/201610/31/20166:00P- 7:00PM
    8-11304521Ballet I9/13/201610/25/20165:45P- 7:00PTu
    5-7304404BuddingBallet/Tap9/13/201610/25/20164:45P- 5:45PTu
    9-17304522Ballet II/III Pointe9/13/201610/27/20167:00P- 8:15PTu,Th
    4-6304403Angelina bal/tap/tw9/14/201610/26/20164:45P- 5:45PW
    4-6304403Angelina bal/tap/tw9/14/201610/26/201610:30A-11:30AW
    8-11304521Ballet I9/14/201610/26/20165:45P- 7:00PW
    6-9304400Pre-Ballet 1 & Tap9/14/201610/26/20164:45P- 5:45PW
    2-3304403Tutu Tod/Tiny Tap9/14/201610/26/20169:30A-10:20AW
    12-17304042Elite Dance Company9/14/201610/29/20167:00P- 8:15PW,Th,Sa
    4-8304403Angelina bal/tap/tw9/15/201610/27/20164:45P- 5:45PTh
    7-11304562Jazz/Tap 19/15/201610/27/20165:45P- 6:45PTh,Sa
    8-17304048Competition Jazz Com9/15/201610/29/20166:45P- 8:00PTh,Sa
    2-3304403Tutu Tod/tiny tap9/17/201610/29/20169:30A-10:20ASa
    9-17304522Ballet II/III Pointe11/1/201612/20/20167:00P- 8:15PTu,Th
    12-17304042Elite Dance Company11/2/201612/21/20167:00P- 8:15PW,Th,Sa
    4-9304403Angelina bal/tap/tw11/3/201612/15/20164:45P- 5:45PTh,Sa
    7-11304562Jazz/Tap 111/3/201612/15/20165:45P- 6:45PTh,Sa
    8-17304048Competition Jazz Com11/3/201612/17/20166:45P- 8:00PTh,Sa
    2-3304403Tutu Tod/tiny tap11/5/201612/17/20169:30A-10:20ASa
    11-17304402Begin Teen HipHop11/7/201612/19/20167:00P- 8:00PM
    7-10304402Kidz Hip Hop11/7/201612/19/20166:00P- 7:00PM
    8-11304521Ballet I11/8/201612/20/20165:45P- 7:00PTu
    5-7304404BuddingBallet/Tap11/8/201612/20/20164:45P- 5:45PTu
    15+304003Beg Belly Danceing11/9/201611/30/20166:00P- 7:00PW
    4-10304403Angelina bal/tap/tw11/9/201612/21/20164:45P- 4:45PW
    4-11304403Angelina bal/tap/tw11/9/201612/21/201610:30A-11:30AW
    8-11304521Ballet I11/9/201612/21/20165:45P- 7:00PW
    6-9304400Pre-Ballet 1 & Tap11/9/201612/21/20164:45P- 5:45PW
    2-3304403Tutu Tod/Tiny Tap11/9/201612/21/20169:30A-10:20AW


    Adult Dance

    We offer adult instruction in Contemporary for ages 18+.  Visit the registration page for more details, or call (703) 792-8320.


    • Sometimes you just need a little Christmas. Step into a week long Christmas Wonderland of crafts, baking, games and stories. Tuesday - Friday, July 5-8 Time: 9am-12pm
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    • Our Preschool Program provides essential kindergarten preparation. Children are introduced to the alphabet, numbers, shapes, color recognition, writing and cutting, phonics, early math, early reading, science and other elementary skills.
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    • Zumba is a combination of irresistible Latin and International dance moves. You will burn calories, tone muscles, and improve your cardiovascular health. All fitness levels welcome. Ages 12 - Adult
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    • You will experience a full body workout that includes Zumba, Toning, Sculpting and Conditioning. These programs will push participants to new training heights resulting in more calories burned and more efficient metabolism.
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    • We offer dance classes for all levels - toddler to adult. Call 703-792-8320 for information or visit our dance page.
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