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J.A. Angelo A Trail of Honesty
Beautifully illustrated, A Trail of Honesty teaches children about honesty while explaining actions have consequences. J. A. Angelo’s delightful story is an ideal way for parents to use consequences to teach children how to be better people—not simply to punish them.
Neeti Bathala (Author), Veronica Jones (Illustrator) Moonlight Crab Count | PWPLS Catalog
Even kids can get involved in science! Ecologist Dr. Neeti Bathala and Jennifer Keats Curtis collaborate to bring us the story of these adventurous citizen scientists. Leena and her mom volunteer each summer to count the horseshoe crabs that visit their beach.
Amir Clayton Powell The World According to Nailah Manalani DuBois Childrens
Julia Ehrmantraut writing as J M Beal Undiscovered Country, The Case of the Armadillo
The most distinguished contribution to American literature for youth up to age 14
Jennifer Keats Curtis (Author), Nicole F. Angeli (Co-author), Veronica Jones (Illustrator) The Lizard Lady: Saving a Forgotten Species
Join the Lizard Lady as she cuts her way through thick Caribbean forests searching for critically endangered St. Croix ground lizards. Hunted to extinction on the island of St. Croix by invasive species brought by colonizing farmers, these lizards are now only found on surrounding islands in the US Virgin Islands.
Kristi Guillory Harper Counts Her Blessings
At the end of a seemingly ordinary day, four-year-old Harper doesn't think that she has much to be thankful for. Fortunately, her loving parents are there to point out all the wonderful things that happen each day that she should cherish. Harper Counts Her Blessings shows children the importance of taking time each day as a family to reflect upon their blessings and to thank God.
Bridgette D. Williams Mama's Diary Childrens
Richard Lee Marsh ABCs of the Air Force | PWPLS Catalog
Describes and illustrates 26 different aspects of the United States Air Force to familiarize young readers with the people, operations and missions.
Kay McB A Problem with Dragons in County Cork
A children's picture book about a problem with dragons in County Cork, Ireland.
Dawn Michele McCarty Being Different Rocks
True story of my rescued dog, Mickie and how he found his furever family. Mickie might be a little different than other dogs, but that's okay: being different rocks!
Daniel McInerny Kingdom of Patria series: Stout Hearts & Whizzing Biscuits, Stoop of Mastodon Meadow, The Quest for Clodnus's Collectibles Childrens
Belinda Miller The Ragwort Chronicles, Along the Way:Roscoe's Journey - The Ragwort Chronicles, The Beginning: The Ragworts of Brokenfell, Phillip's Quest, Book II: Above the Stars, Phillip's Quest, Book I: Winterfrost Secrets of the Cancer-Slaying Super Man - Twice: How I Became a Cancer-Slaying Super Man Before I Turned 21 Childrens
Stacy Navarre The Who Series Childrens
Tom Noll Trash to Treasure: Recycling Creatively with L.T. series: The Bicycle Fence, Selling Eggs and The Flowerbed - books by Tom Noll Childrens
Tasha Fuller It's Bath Time Baby Childrens
Cindy Padgett What if Dogs Were in Charge Children's picture book Childrens
Ed Speare The Legend of the Christmas Dachshund Children's picture book Childrens
Ashley K. Voris Abby the Labby: Meet Abby Childrens
Zachary Tamer Kingdom of Patria series: Stout Hearts and Whizzing Biscuits, Stoop of Mastodon Meadow, The Quest for Clodnus's Collectibles Childrens
Clotilde Zehnder Arthur and Kip Childrens
Morley Malaka Author of Tom Turtle Books—7 individual books with coloring pages, connect-the dot-activities, and an amazing story. YA
Kristy F. Gillespie Jaded, YA Thriller, Hunted, YA Thriller, Even In Death: A Short Story Collection YA
Genevieve Powell (pen name) Cold Kiss Goodbye, Possessed by Vengeance, Reaper ' s Girl YA
Lincoln S. Farish Junior Inquisitor YA
Martina Boone Compulsion YA
Linda S. Johnston Hope Amid Hardship: Pioneer Voices from Kansas Territory YA
F. Sharon Swope and Genilee Swope Parente Violet Fate, Wretched Fate, Twist of Fate YA
Steve Koski Saving my family YA
Joseph Boltersdorf Nightfire YA
Benjamin Rubenstein Secrets of the Cancer-Slaying Super Man YA
Mara Mahan Wardbreaker: A Shattered World Story YA
Tadesse A. Alemayehu Planning Into Excellence Adult/Non-Fiction
Victor Angry Angry Leadership: My Seven Guiding Principles of Leadership
A journey of Victor Angry's military career and lessons learned along the way. Lessons like the importance of mentors, how he defines loyalty, what right looks like and many more. As he looked back on his successful military career, he asked himself what were seven main things did he do that helped him be successful in his military career?
Norma Jean Burnette 40 Years in the Wilderness | PWPLS Catalog
In this moving, first book, Norma Jean Burnette says, "I decided to write this book because I spent approximately 40 years of my life trying to figure out my worth, how I was supposed to feel, and what I was supposed to do.
Carol L. Covin Who Gets to Name Grandma? Adult/Non-Fiction
Ginger Harrington Holy in the Moment: Simple Ways to Love God and Enjoy Your Life - Dispelling the idea that holiness is not a religious version of perfectionism, Holy in the Moment includes Ginger’s personal journey in finding help and hope for anxiety as well as biblical insights, and simple ideas to enjoy a deeper life and freedom in our identity in Christ. Adult/Non-Fiction
Bethanne Kim as Liz Long Cubmastering: Getting Started as Cubmaster, Leader of the Pack, 26 Basic Life Skills and many other titles Adult/Non-Fiction
Ellen Butler Heart of Design Adult/Fiction
Rachel Kovaciny Cloaked –  Little Red Riding Hood... re-imagined. Mary Rose feels uneasy around Mr. Linden from the moment she meets him on the stagecoach ride to her grandmother's ranch in Wyoming Territory. But ... Other books by this author. Adult/Fiction
Luz Mejia Palabras Sumergidas - Spanish poetry. Poesia en español. Adult/Fiction
Eugene Schmiel Citizen General: Jacob Dolson Cox and the Civil War Era Adult/Non-Fiction
Kate Black The Assistant Adult/Fiction
Jennifer Cullen Of Unsound Mind
This book is based upon true eventsthat will take you on a journey with two sisters who battle a variety of obstacles together to save the two things they both love, two little girls named Blair and Rosaleen.
Dalia Florea

Mirrored | PWPLS Catalog
Teardrops Know My Name | PWPLS Catalog
Reflections | PWPLS Catalog
Whatever Dude! | PWPLS Catalog

William Galaini Sparks from a Cruel Grindstone - Book Two of the Hellbound Series
The sequel to Trampling in the Land of Woe, this speculative fiction adventure follows Boudica, forgotten queen of Briton. Climbing through an industrialized vision of Hell, will she overcome her own demons in time to save her friends from the frenzied remnants of the Pious Legion?
Trampling in the Land of Woe - Book One of the Hellbound Series | PWPLS Catalog
Eller Hobbs YA contemporary coming-of-age suspense novel. Mutant rats attack San Francisco. Available on Amazon. - The Rats Adult/Fiction
Paul Holbert Term Limits | PWPLS Catalog
Politics At Its Deadliest! The political atmosphere in America is poisoned with acrimony and partisan bickering. People are sick of the ineptitude and dishonesty of their elected representatives and a cry for change echoes from every corner of the land.
T.H. Henning
Legend of the Chinese Spy |  PWPLS Catalog
A Chinese spy for the ancient Emperors of China is cursed by a witch to never die until he learns the value of a single human life. His adventure-filled journey sends him through centuries of Chinese history encountering bandits, pirates, typhoons, floods, a dragon, a demon, a vampire, and the ghost of the first Emperor of China.
The Scotland Spy | PWPLS Catalog
A spy stationed in Scotland during the Cold War is recruited into the JASON Mission Office which is allied with a Secret Order of warrior monks. He is assigned to missions across the globe and unknowingly is a pawn in a deadly game of revenge.
Susan Thatcher These Foolish Things Adult/Fiction
Victor Rook In Search of Good Times Adult/Fiction
Sarah Robinson Breaking a Legend Adult/Fiction
Barbara Williamson Angela DeLucci Series Adult/Fiction
Martin Wilsey Mr. Wilsey is a full-time author of Whispers of the Apoc, The Broken Cage and many more. Adult/Fiction
Gail Williams as Vee Daniels The Seeds of Graceton | PWPLS Catalog Adult/Fiction
Jahleen Wright Cycle of Being Adult/Poetry
Donald Brown The Morphine Dream Adult/Non-Fiction
Frank Fuerst Alzheimer's Care with Dignity (Featured in Publisher's Weekly; selected by NIH for their website, winner of 3 national awards) Adult/Non-Fiction
Joe Goodbody Kentucky Barracuda: Parker Hardin French (1826-1878) | PWPLS Catalog
Historical biography of an antebellum and Civil War character. Notorious scoundrel and delightful rogue.
Eleanor E Thompson The Insider Threat; Assessment and Mitigation of Risks
This book provides emergent knowledge relating to physical, cyber, and human risk mitigation in a practical and readable approach for the corporate environment. It presents and discusses practical applications of risk management techniques along with useable practical policy change options. This practical organizational security management approach examines multiple aspects of security to protect against physical, cyber, and human risk. A practical more tactical focus includes managing vulnerabilities and applying countermeasures. The book guides readers to a greater depth of understanding and action-oriented options.
Heather Steele Elected: Now What? A Handbook for Virginia HOA/Condo Board Members
A basic overview of homeowners association and condo association law in Virginia, for newly minted (or long standing) board members to read and help understand their role as board members of their community association.
Lynne Beverly Strang Late Blooming Entrepreneurs: Eight Principles for Starting a Business After Age 40 Adult/Non-Fiction
Mark O'Connell Justice Denied (latest) Adult/Non-Fiction
Freddie Elliott A Way Out Adult/YA/Non-Fiction


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