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Libraries have always been about re-use and recycling — that’s what “lending” is all about — but did you know that your Prince William Public Library System is a veritable “green machine”? We think globally and act locally, and use resources wisely. And, as a library user, you contribute to a green way of living for your community by:
  • Borrowing books and returning them for others to use, thus minimizing the need for extra copies of these books
    (= less dead trees)
  • Donating books to the Friends book sales
    (= less paper in the landfill)
  • Purchasing books from the Friends book sales
    (= putting spending “green” in the hands of the Friends group, who recycle those funds for book purchases, children’s programming and much, much more. Added bonus — you are recycling these books the easy way)
  • Checking out ebooks from the library’s website
    (= saving gas by using the library ‘virtually”)
  • Borrowing our “Kill-a-Watt” energy meters to measure power usage around your home
    (= using less power, as the meter helps identify power-hungry devices to unplug, replace or use less often)
  • Checking out one of our Books to Go book club kits, as each kit contains enough reading copies of a title for a book group, along with a discussion guide
    (= nine less people using gas to go to the library)
  • Borrowing DVDs and returning them for others to use, thus minimizing the need for acquiring them and storing them
    (= more efficient use of resources)
  • Choosing “no” when the self-checkout machine offers you a printed receipt
    (= saving those trees)
  • Recycling unused pages printed from our computers or copies, thanks to the handy recycling bins next to the copiers
    (= less trash in the landfill)
  • Borrowing music CD’s and returning them for others to use, allowing you to listen to music without contributing to more “stuff” around the house
    (= less “stuff” going to the landfill)
  • Asking for help finding ways to recycle household goods is as easy as stopping by the Information Desk at any building to request information about recycling in our community
    (= expert searching to save you time and to result in proper recycling)


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