Prince William County

pwc.jpgRELIC offers a variety of historical and genealogical materials for the study of Prince William County persons, places, and events. Here is a summary of types of materials we collect. (See our catalog for a full listing of our holdings.)

African Americans
   U.S. Colored Troops
Cemetery records
Church records
County government records on microfilm
Family files
Genealogical exchange file
Government Officials  
   Board of Supervisors 1870-2004
Real estate atlas and directory (County Mapper and assessment data)
School yearbooks
Vital Records
Here are some primary online sources for historical research in Prince William County:
Roots in Prince William: A Pathfinder. An exhaustive guide to many of the important and little-known sources for our early history.
Local News Index: An index to news stories and obituaries that have appeared in the Potomac News, Manassas Journal Messenger, and other Prince William newspapers since 1993. Prepared by RELIC volunteers. A work in progress. Includes some obituaries as early as 1970.
Prince William Digital Library: Documents, data and images of Prince William County.
Prince William Reliquary: Our online magazine of Prince William history and genealogy, published since 2002.
Prince William County Genealogy, blog by Carolyn Lynn.