Summer Reading (SR) Volunteer Job Description


Volunteers are essential to the operation of the Summer Reading program.  The primary job of a summer Reading volunteer is to assist patrons in registering and/or logging in books online and at the Summer Reading table.  Volunteers at the four full-service branches must have completed the 7th grade.  Volunteers at the neighborhood libraries must have completed the 6th grade or be at least 12 years old.  

Volunteers are expected to commit to working 1 shift each week for 7 out of 9 weeks between June 22nd and August 22nd AND commit to attending a training session.  

Volunteers assigned to the full service libraries who are not available to work during the first two weeks of Summer Reading will be used as substitutes during the summer and may not have a regular weekly shift.   

Volunteers normally work a 2 or 3 hour shift once a week; additional hours may be available.
Volunteers MUST be able to use a computer.   

In addition, volunteers will be expected to:

  • be able to explain how the program works to adults and children

  • demonstrate to adults and children how to register and/or login books online

  • login to the SQ database, retrieve participant records, verify the number of books read, verify eligibility for incentives and/or coupons of the week, and distribute the designated incentives

  • stamp, count and sort coupons and incentives and perform other tasks as needed, such as putting carts in order

  • keep the SR materials, table and surrounding area clean and in good order

Volunteers MUST refer questions from patrons about the location of library materials, use of the catalog, library programs, etc. to the Information Desk staff.   

Although unpaid, volunteers represent the library to the public.  Volunteers are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner while at work.  This includes showing up on time, signing in/out, dressing for a business environment (no short shorts, ripped clothes, etc.), giving friendly, courteous attention to patrons who are waiting to be helped, completing tasks accurately and according to instructions, and may not socialize with friends or relatives who may be in the library. 

Volunteers may be assigned other duties as needed.

Volunteers may forward the completed application to the Volunteer Office or drop it off at any library.

SR Training Workshop Dates