The Prince William Public Library System offers free wireless access for library patrons. Library patrons must have their own equipment, wireless card, and any software needed to access the network. Wireless access is provided only during regular library hours. A patron's use of the service indicates acceptance of, and agreement to abide by, the Prince William Public Library System's Library Internet and Computer Use Policy (Acceptable Use/Acceptable Behavior Policy).

To read more about the Library's WiFi service and policies: Library Wireless Network Access Policy

What libraries offer free wireless access?
The following libraries offer wireless service"

Bull Run Regional Library
8051 Ashton Avenue, Manassas, VA 20109-2892

Chinn Park Regional Library

13065 Chinn Park Drive, Prince William, VA 22192-5073

Potomac Community Library
2201 Opitz Blvd, Woodbridge, VA 22191-3377

Central Community Library
8601 Mathis Avenue, Manassas, VA 20110-5229

Dale City Neighborhood Library
4249 Dale Boulevard, Dale City, VA 22193-2414

Dumfries Neighborhood Library
18007 Dumfries Shopping Plaza, Dumfries, VA 22026-2356

Independent Hill Neighborhood Library
14418 Bristow Road, Manassas, VA 20112

Lake Ridge Neighborhood Library (New Location)
Tackett's Mill Shopping Center (Upper Level)
2239 Old Bridge Road, Woodbridge, VA 22192-3007

Nokesville Neighborhood Library
12993 Fitzwater Drive, Nokesville, VA 20181

What equipment do I need to access the wireless network?
To access the network, you will need a laptop or suitable PDA or other portable device with a WiFi compliant (802.11 a/b/g) wireless Ethernet card. Your wireless Ethernet card and appropriate software must be properly installed in order to access the wireless network.
I use a Mac, not a Windows-based laptop or PDA. Can I still use the network?
Yes. You will need an 802.11 b/g compatible card or an Airport card, along with the appropriate software installed, in order to access the wireless network.
How do I connect?
While we cannot address all operating systems, you should be able to "scan the wireless network" and then connect to the appropriate library network. Once you have successfully connected, you should be able to start surfing the Internet. For specific information on how to configure your device and scan for the network, you will need to refer to your device and operating system documentation.
The seven wireless networks listed below are open networks with no data encryption. The network names are:
Chinn Park Regional Library WiFi
Bull Run Regional Library WiFi
Central Community Library WiFi
Potomac Community Library WiFi
Dale City Library WiFi
Dumfries Library WiFi
Independent Hill Library WiFi
Lake Ridge Library Wifi
Nokesville Library WiFi
Can I print from the wireless network?
No. Printing is not available through the wireless network. If printing is needed, patrons will need to save their work to a USB flash device or e-mail the file to themselves, and then use a Library System Internet station to retrieve their work and print it to a Library System printer.
Is the wireless network secure?
No. Like most WiFi networks, the Library System's wireless network is not secure. The access points (also known as "hot spots" or "wifi spots") provided are not secure or encrypted. They are open, public access points and, as such, the potential exists for any data being transmitted to be intercepted by another user. Wireless users should choose not to transmit personal or confidential information (such as credit card numbers, passwords, and other sensitive information) while using the network.
By using the network, a patron acknowledges the inherent risk associated with any wireless service and, for that reason, agrees they knowingly assume any risk associated with its use. Furthermore, by using the network, a patron agrees to hold the Library System harmless from any claim or loss arising out of, or related to, use of the wireless network, connectivity or electrical use.
Can I access the Library System's catalog and electronic resources through the network?
Yes. Access to the Library System's web catalog and electronic resources are available 24/7 through the Library System's website: You can also bookmark the Library System's catalog: and our electronic resources:
What if I have problems? Can Library System staff assist?
Library System staff can provide general information for connecting to the network, but cannot troubleshoot problems related to a patron's wireless device. In addition, Library System staff is not permitted to handle a patron's equipment and may not change any settings on a patron's device. The Library System cannot guarantee that a patron's wireless device will be able to access the network.
Can I leave my laptop while I look for books and other items?
Patrons should take precautions that laptops and other wireless devices are secure at all times. Never leave a wireless device unattended, even for a few minutes. Library System staff cannot watch your device. Theft of such devices is not the responsibility of the Library System.
Is any information collected about me?
The Library System does not collect information about wireless users.