Online Calendar of Events

Prince William Public Library System holds many free events for children and adults of all ages.  Some events require registration, tickets, or tokens.  Computer courses require a refundable deposit.  The individual event will list the registration requirements, if any.  If you wish to be notified in advanced of upcoming events you may sign up for our Event Notifications.

To view events, go to the Online Calendar of Events and click on any libraries you wish to view under the search bar on the left, and then click 'find'.

PDF version of the Calendar of EventsApril 2015 | May 2015

To receive an email or text notification of new Calendars.  Please subscribe through the eNotification service.  Fill out form, select "Library - Calendar of Events" and submit.

Guidelines for Online Registration
Hover over or click on a program name for more detailed information or call the library sponsoring the event.
Registration, Tickets, and Tokens
Space is limited so please check carefully for requirements to pre-register or pick-up tickets or tokens.  Registration may be available online, in person, or by telephone.  Please cancel any online reservations when you are unable to attend.
Please check with the individual library for specific program requirements.
Tickets or tokens must be picked up in person.  They will not be held.  No more than 5 tokens/passes or tickets may be picked up by one person.
Please be aware, that if you arrive after the program has started, you may not be admitted.
Please follow the age recommendations for each event.  Our presenters prepare special programs designed for specific age groups.
Adults must remain in the library building while their children attend programs.
Questions?  Special Needs?
Please call the library for assistance or special accommodations.