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Human Rights Office
Frequently Asked Questions

Am I protected under existing County laws?

Under Prince William County Ordinance Chapter 10.1 Human Rights, all persons living or working in Prince William County are protected from any conduct that violates any Virginia or Federal law or regulation regarding discrimination of the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status or disability when the action occurs in Prince William County. Any such conduct shall be considered an unlawful discriminatory practice.

How do I file a complaint?
The first step to begin a charge with the Prince William County Human Rights Commission is to fill out an Intake Questionnaire. You can fill out the intake questionnaire online, or print a copy yourself and write your responses.  Be sure to review the intake instructions. You can also call the office at 703-792-4680 and request an intake questionnaire be sent to you. After receiving your form, the intake office will contact you and advise you how to proceed.

How long does the process take?

The time it takes from intake to resolution will vary for each complaint depending on its complexity and the issues involved. Generally the Commission works toward completing the processing of charges within a one-year period. The period can be extended to two years by the Commission for good cause.  


Intake​Day One
​Charge Filed​Within 30 days
​Respondent & EEOC notified​Within 10 days
​Request for and receipt of Respondent's reply​30-60 days
​Mediation/ if successful​30 days/ case ends
​Investigation​60 days
​No cause​Case ends
​Appeal- date set by HRC​30 days
​Remand to investigate further​30 days
​Uphold the directors decision​30 days
​Conciliation​30 days
​Successful Conciliation​Closed
​Public Hearing (If no conciliation reached)​60-90 days
Total Case Time Frame ​120-300 days





What happens if I prevail in my complaint?

Under existing laws you are entitled to recover benefits compensation opportunities and privileges that were denied taken or otherwise lost as a result of discrimination. In some instances this may include compensatory (money) and punitive damages.  

Do I need a lawyer?

Obtaining legal counsel is not necessary at this step of the process. However you may do so at your own expense at any stage of the process.

Am I protected from retaliation or reprisal by a respondent?

Yes It is unlawful for a respondent (company) to retaliate against a person for filing or assisting in the investigation of a complaint.  

How may I contact the Human Rights Office? 
Please call the office between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at 703-792-4680. You may also visit the office at the Dr. A.J Ferlazzo Building at 15941 Donald Curtis Drive Woodbridge Virginia. 


15941 Donald Curtis Drive Suite 125
Woodbridge, VA 22191
703-792-4680 (office)
703-792-6944 (fax)



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 Mission:  Eliminating discrimination through civil and human rights law enforcement 


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