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Housing & Community Development
Homeownership Assistance Program

First-Time Homebuyer Program (FTHB) 

Funding for the FTHB Program is made available from annual allocations of federal funding from the Home Investment partnership (HOME) program. First trust financing is available for eligible participants through local private lending institutions who are approved by Virginia Housing Development Authority (VHDA).
The Office of Housing and Community Development will accept and process FTHB applications during open application periods subject to funding availability. FTHB funds will be reserved on a first-come first-served basis only upon successful completion of all phases of the application and purchase process as outlined in the program. When funds allocated for the year are depleted all approved applications will be closed and offered the opportunity to re-apply during the next application period.
First-Time Homebuyer: Persons, individuals, families or households cannot have purchased or had ownership interest (own, purchase, co-sign on a loan, inherit, etc. regardless of whether they lived in the property) in a home or other residential property within the last three years anywhere in the United States, foreign land or country.
Credit Score: All borrowers must have a minimum credit score (middle score) as determined by VHDA.
If you need more information regarding the First-Time Homebuyer (FTHB) Program contact Amira Gonzalez at 703-492-2301 or e-mail
Homeownership Forms and Links: 

Home Help Program and Home Help Plus

The Home Help Program is an employee benefit that provides an incentive for home ownership in the County to police, fire, schools and other County employees who live outside the County or currently rent. As part of the program, SunTrust Mortgage will provide benefits to the employee borrower that include credits that can be used for interest rate reductions and/or closing costs.
If you have any questions about qualifying for a mortgage with the participating mortgage lender, please contact Thurston Willis with SunTrust Mortgage at 703-580-7873 to discuss your situation prior to submitting your application into the Home Help Program.

Home Help Plus

Prince William County Office of Housing and Community Development may assist income-qualified County Employee Home Help purchasers with down payment and closing cost assistance. The Home Help Program is a "live near your work" program that will assist those borrowers who work for Prince William County to purchase a home in the County by using the services of the Home Help participating bank, SunTrust Mortgage, to provide a closing cost credit or rate reduction for mortgage interest rate.
Home Help Plus provides a maximum $5,000 repayable second loan for down payment and/or closing cost assistance for income qualified Home Help purchasers whose gross household income is at or below 80% uncapped Area Median Income.
If you need more information regarding the Home Help Program contact Amira Gonzalez at 703-492-2301 or e-mail


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