Massage Establishments
Massage establishments are required to apply to the Health Department for a permit and pay a $204 fee for new applicants and a $153 fee thereafter to renew a permit. An inspection is made of the facility within three weeks after the application and fee are submitted. The facility must meet minimum lighting and ventilation requirements according to the Uniform Building Code; provide adequate equipment for disinfecting and sterilizing any instruments used; provide hot and cold running water; provide separate dressing, bathing, and toilet facilities for patrons segregated by gender; provide clean towels and linens for patrons receiving massage services; maintain the walls and the physical facility in good repair and in a sanitary condition. See the complete regulations linked below.
Massage Therapists
Under the new law, Massage Therapists are required to go through the Board of Nursing for a Certification. If you have questions, call 804-662-9909.