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Fire and Rescue
Team Member of the Month - June 2013
Congratulations Captain Tom Clark
You were selected as the Fire and Rescue Department's Team Member of the Month for June 2013.
On June 5, 2013, you were stopped several cars back at the railroad crossing on Bristow Road when you noticed a vehicle was stopped on the tracks facing the opposite direction.  Thinking that the vehicle had broken down, you approached the vehicle to see if you could be of assistance.  After reaching the vehicle, you found the driver sitting inside looking at the oncoming train.  You asked what he was doing, and he stated he wanted to kill himself.  You immediately instructed the driver to pull into the driveway located next to the tracks to discuss it as the train was only about 50 yards away.  The driver asked, "Why, is it illegal to kill myself?" You answered yes, and the driver pulled off the tracks into the driveway.
You called 911 to report the attempted suicide.  Both the Prince William County Police Department and the Railroad Police Officer arrived on the scene and took the person into custody.  After providing your version of the incident, the Police Department mentioned that the subject decided to drive off the tracks because "a person of authority told him to get off the tracks."  During the investigation, a substantial amount of high powered ammunition and clips were found inside the vehicle.
Your actions saved the life of the individual inside the vehicle that was stopped on the tracks as well as others' that were within the close vicinity if the collision had occurred.  As the Railroad Police Officer stated, there was no way the train would have been able to stop. Additionally, you demonstrated extreme self-motivation, zeal, and perseverance making our community a safer place to live and work.
Your actions exemplify the County and Department's visions and values.  Thank you for your hard work and dedication.
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Chief Kevin McGee congratulates Captain Tom Clark


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