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Fire and Rescue
PWC Employee of the Month

Prince William County Employees of the Month - January 2012




Twelve men and women who work for either the Department of Fire & Rescue (F&R) or the Area Agency on Aging (Aging) were selected as Prince William County Government’s Employees of the Month for January 2012. They are: Barbara K. Diehl, a Supportive Services Specialist with Aging; F&R Captain Brett A. Hamby; F&R Technician II Joseph W. Hopper; F&R Technician II Matthew C. Schultz; F&R Technician I Kevin F. Dewhurst; F&R Technician I Courtney White Stallard; F&R Technician II Jeffrey R. Metz; F&R Technician II Sean K. Jones; F&R Technician I Patrick O’Donnell; F&R Technician II Mitchell Zumwalt; F&R Technician II Michelle L. Beck; and F&R Battalion Chief Lance E. McClintock. They were nominated by Daphne M. Van Tiem, Aging’s Information and Assistance Division Manager.
Prince William County experienced rainfall in early September 2011 that led to devastating floods in certain areas, and the ultimate destruction of many homes and the relocation of residents. One older couple was placed in a temporary shelter by the American Red Cross and found new housing in a senior facility but encountered various obstacles in arranging their move.
Barbara began working with the couple in ways great and small to quickly facilitate the transfer. However, the greatest obstacle was the physical move to their new home. The adult woman was bedridden and could not travel in a car. Barbara reached out to the Department of Fire & Rescue and the 11 named individuals responded with compassion to help Barbara get the couple moved in.


“This action was a terrific example of two County agencies working together to do the right thing for the customer,” Daphne wrote in her nomination. “The couple is happy and comfortable in their new home, and it is my honor to nominate these 12 employees.” For this, they truly deserve the Employee of the Month Award for January 2012.
 DSC_0068 (b).jpg
Pictured left to right: (front row) Technician II Michele Beck, Technician I Courtney White Stallard,
AAA Supportive Services Specialist Barbara Diehl and Technician I Kevin Dewhurst; (second/back row)
 Technician II Mitchell Zumwalt, Technician I Patrick O'Donnell, Captain Brett Hamby, Assistant Chief Lance McClintock, Technician II Joseph Hopper, Technician II Jeffrey Metz and Technician II Matthew Schultz. 
(Technician II Sean Jones is not pictured.) 



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