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Fire and Rescue
Manufacturers of Illegal Fireworks Pursuing County Residents
Fireworks manufacturers have begun promoting the sale of illegal fireworks in residential neighborhoods throughout the county. The colorful and detailed magazines display an assortment of fireworks from bottle rockets to shell kits all at discount prices allowing the consumer to shop without leaving the comfort of their home.
Whether purchasing fireworks through a magazine or an out of state facility, the Fire Marshal’s Office would like to remind the public that illegal fireworks are prohibited in Prince William County.  Possession of illegal fireworks is a Class 1 misdemeanor punishable by fines up to $2,500.00 and or up to one year in jail. 
For your safety, the Fire Marshal’s Office recommends purchasing fireworks from local fireworks stands located throughout the county.  These fireworks have been tested and approved by our Office.  However, no firework is safe and the best way to protect your loved-ones from fireworks-related injuries or worse is to not use fireworks and enjoy fireworks displays provided by professional organizations. Check your local newspaper or website for listings of fireworks displays in your area.
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