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Fire and Rescue
Team Member of the Month - February 2013
Lieutenant Steven Brubaker, Lieutenant Josh Dempsey, Lieutenant Bryan Janda, Lieutenant Tom Klimtzak, Lieutenant Jim Mirabile, Technician II Daniel Beck, Technician II David Caruana, Technician II Scott Coloe, Technician II Damian Marsh, Technician II Michael Mishler, Technician II Ross Shannon, Technician II Joshua Thomson, Technician II Kevin Tobey and Instructor Scott Richardson
The Technicians were selected as Department of Fire and Rescue's Team Member of the Month for February 2013 for volunteering and completing the Department of Fire Programs (DFP) Heavy & Technical (HTR) certification process.
The Technicians volunteered for this program not knowing what to expect, willingly putting themselves in a position where failure was a distinct possibility.  They invested 35 days during the months of January and February to complete train-ups, Pro-Board testing, and Train-the-Trainers (T-t-Ts) classes to become instructors.  They successfully completed the Pro-Board testing enabling them to sit for their respective T-t-Ts.  They subsequently passed the T-t-Ts receiving many compliments from the state HTR instructors involved with the testing and evaluation process regarding their knowledge and skill level.
The Technicians invested their time and energy, putting their reputations on the line to become instructors for a program that Chief McGee has stated is "a strategically important program" to the success of the County's entire fire and rescue system.
Their actions exemplify the County and Department's visions and values with their efforts being emblematic of our Ultimate Performance value.   Thank you for your hard work and dedication.
Feb 13 TMM.JPG
Pictured front row left to right: Technician II Damian Marsh; Technician II Scott Coloe; Chief Kevin McGee; Lieutenant Josh Dempsey;  Technician II Ross Shannon; Technician II Daniel Beck and Technician II David Caruana. Back row left to right: ; Technician II Joshua Thomson; Lieutenant Bryan Janda and Lieutenant Jim Mirabile.  Not pictured are: Lieutenant Steven Brubaker; Lieutenant Tom Klimtzak, Technician II Michael Mishler, Technician II Kevin Tobey and Instructor Scott Richardson.


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