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Fire and Rescue
Brush Truck, Engine or Wagon, Rescue Squad Vehicle


Ambulance/Medic Unit​
An ambulance is a vehicle designed to transport a injured or ill person to the hospital. Its crew consists of two emergency medical technicians (EMTs) trained in basic life support (BLS). Equipment includes a defibrillator to shock a cardiac arrest patient.
 A medic unit is an ambulance with two  advanced life support (ALS) providers. It carries all the normal equipment associated with an ambulance such as a stretcher and oxygen; and is also outfitted with medical equipment to provide ALS service. 


Brush Truck  FRS Brush Truck

 A brush truck is a small four-wheel vehicle equipped with a small pump, water take hose wheel and various hand tools to fight brush or forest fires.




Engine or Wagon

An engine or wagon is a fire apparatus that has a pump, a tank and water hose. On fire incidents, the crew is responsible for ensuring an adequate supply of water is available and for actually extinguishing the fire. Every engine and wagon is equipped with basic life support equipment for emergency medical incidents including  a defibrillator to shock a cardiac arrest patient.  All personnel on career-staffed engines or wagons are Emergency Medical Technicians at a minimum. An engine company in Prince William County is comprised of two units -- an engine and wagon.  Normally only one unit is staffed at a time.   




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