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Fire and Rescue
August Team Member of the Month

 Congratulations Station 4 C-Shift

You were selected as the Fire and Rescue Department's Team Member of the Month for August 2013.

Over the past seven years, you have responded to and assisted Mr. Katz who has late stage Parkinson's disease.  Some of the calls were to assist Mr. Katz after he'd fallen, but a majority of the calls were to assist the family with carrying Mr. Katz into the house from the van following doctor appointments.

Since Mr. Katz has been confined to a wheelchair, he has been unable to leave his home by himself, and his family is unable to lift him up and down the stairs without assistance.  The family acquired estimates for constructing a metal handicap ramp.  The cost was going to be between $15,000 and $20,000, and Mr. Katz did not want his family to spend that much money.  After a service call to assist carrying Mr. Katz inside the house from the van, Captain Jurgensen asked if the family had thought about having a wheelchair ramp installed.  After finding out how much it would cost, Captain Jurgensen told Mr. Katz and his family that Station 4 C-Shift would build one for them.

This required research of the Prince William County building code.  After reviewing the building code, it was determined that an outside wooden ramp would not be possible.  Determined to help, you came up with a plan to build the ramp inside the 2-car garage which would allow Mr. Katz to be loaded and unloaded from the van and not have to worry about the weather.  Additionally, a door had to be installed in the existing garage wall for the ramp to be accessible and the electricity rerouted.

You designed the ramp, donated your own money, purchased the building materials, and constructed the ramp after coming off of a 24-hour shift.  Mr. Katz is now able to experience life outside the confinement of his home, and he and his family are so grateful.

Your actions exemplify the County and Department's visions and values with your efforts being emblematic of the Department's personalized delivery and ultimate performance values, and the County's vision of doing the right thing for the customer and community every time. 

Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

 Aug TMM - Group Photo2.jpg

Pictured left to right in front row: Technician II Danny Blankenship, Technician II Alex Stephenson, Technician I Daniel Taai, Chief Kevin McGee, Lieutenant Tammy Kronebusch, Technician II John Ransone, Lieutenant Chris Adams and Technician I Allen Lagrave

Pictured left to right in back row: Technician II Chris Kloepfer, Technician I Rob Dimmel, Technician I Curtis White, Technician II Jay Byler, Technician I Davin Hoffman, Captain Brian Jurgensen, Technician II Jason Patton


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