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Office of Emergency Management
Preparing for an Emergency
Preparing for an Emergency
Emergency events can happen without warning so the time to prepare for disasters is well in advance. Because local government has many responsibilities during an emergency, you should take control of your personal preparedness. Planning for any emergency requires considering all likely scenarios. If you are able to stay at home, electricity, water, heat, air conditioning, telephone service and transportation could be disrupted.
You should have enough food, water, medications and other essentials on hand to last your family for at least three days.
In other types of emergencies you may have to evacuate your home or community. In any case, it is important to develop a household emergency plan that includes:
  • An emergency preparedness kit.
  • A family plan that includes at least two emergency meeting places (one near your home for sudden emergencies and another outside your neighborhood in case you can't return home).
  • An emergency communications plan. Choose an out-of-town person to be your contact point for family members to call if you are separated. Make sure everyone has contact information including phone numbers and e-mail addresses.
  • Information about how to be notified of an event as well as how to get information during and after the event.

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