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Office of Emergency Management
Business Continuity Plan
When disaster strikes how long could your business survive if you had to shut down for a day, two days or maybe longer?
Planning for any emergency requires considering all likely scenarios. Electricity, water, heat, air conditioning, telephone service and transportation could be disrupted or lost for a considerable amount of time. Business continuity can be complex depending on the particular industry, size and scope of your business.
Emergency events can contribute to a loss in revenue and impact a business on all organizational levels.  Having a business continuity plan is one way to ensure continuity of essential business functions across a wide range of emergencies and events. It compels businesses to identify and focus on those functions that are truly critical to continue operating throughout the emergency. The plan provides businesses the capability to recover quickly while minimizing disruptions in service. For more information on developing your business emergency plan visit ReadyNoVA or Ready Business.


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