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Demographic Publications

Prince William Report

The demographic and economic quarterly newsletter of local, regional and national economic/demographic topics of importance to Prince William County:


The Prince William County Standard Data Set provides County staff with one consistent and accurate source of data. The source for most of the data in the Standard Data Set is either the U.S. Census Bureau, the Virginia Employment Commission or an appropriate Prince William County government agency. Many other sources are available for the data included in the Standard Data Set; however, we have chosen data sources that we consider to be the most accurate, current, and defensible. If a different source is used for a particular type of data, usually a different figure will result. This is largely due to methodology differences between different sets of data.
When using the Standard Data Set data:
  • Always cite the data source and year. The source of these data is not the Standard Data Set. The source of each figure is clearly stated directly below the data.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, all data represent Prince William County only. Figures do not include the independent cities.
Click here for a printable version of the entire Standard Data Set.

For more information on Prince William County demographics or economics, contact the Finance Department at or by phone at 703-792-6700.



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