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streetlights.jpgStreetlight Program Overview

The goal of the program is to improve public safety through the installation and maintenance of streetlights. Streetlights are a proven method to reduce the frequency and severity of crimes and accidents. The program is a partnership between the County, Dominion Virginia Power, and Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative. The Streetlight Program is managed by the County's Streetlight Program Coordinator. The Coordinator works closely with the District Supervisors, the Police Department, HOA's and constituents to select locations for the installation of streetlights. Citizens may request the installation of streetlights through their District Supervisor or the Streetlight Program Coordinator - Al Hedgepeth, by email or telephone at 703-792-6823.


To report streetlight outages or problems please call the PWC Street Lighting Branch at 703-792-6825 or report directly to your local service utility provider:

To improve service when making a service request, please provide the closest street name and address. This will help identify the correct street light and facilitate its repair (Helpful Hints). Routine maintenance such as bulb and photo eye replacement will be completed within 11 days (typically repairs are completed within 3 to 4 business days). Underground faults or wiring issues may take up to 45 days to be repaired.

Information For Developers

  • Streetlights must be installed in all new residential and businesses developments in accordance with the Prince William County Design and Construction Standards Manual (DCSM) and the County Code of Ordinances.
  • Developers must contact the Streetlight Program Coordinator within 10 days of the pre-construction meeting to initiate the lighting installation process and submit a street lighting package that outlines the proposed lighting for their development.
  • The developer shall have the Streetlight Installation Form (PDF) signed by the prospective property owners and notarized if the required streetlights have not been installed by the service utility provider prior to the request for occupancy. This form is a part of the final lot grading inspection. Occupancy will not be granted until this form is signed by the prospective property owner(s), notarized, and an acknowledgment of receipt provided by the site inspector.
  • Bond money will not be released unless the Developer possesses a paid receipt from the service utility provider for the project's streetlight installation.
Standards & Policies: 
  • Section 600 & Section 700 of the Prince William County Design and Construction Standards Manual (DCSM) pertain to the street lighting standards.
  • Chapter 32 of the Prince William County Code of Ordinances pertains to the outdoor street lighting ordinances.


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