Completed Transportation Projects

This project included the Design and construction of an asphalt trail for a distance of a approximately 0.4 miles on Hoadly Road between Spriggs Road and Dale Boulevard.
The Piper Lane Improvement Project part of the Prince William County Broad Run Commuter Lot Project which included the design and construction of additional commuter parking spaces at the Broad Run Commuter Lot.  This phase of the project included the widening of the northbound approach of Piper Lane (Rte. 660) at the intersection of Nokesville Road (Rte. 28) and Piper Lane (Rte. 660) to provide additional channelization lanes, improve traffic level of service (LOS) and/or traffic capacity to the intersection.
This project involved several elements including the construction of a four lane divided section of University Boulevard from Sudley Manor Drive to Hornbaker Road (which was part of the 2006 Road Bond Referendum), and the widening of the existing University Boulevard to a six lane divided roadway from Hornbaker Road to the Route 234 Bypass. Also part of this project, is the widening of Hornbaker Road from north of University Boulevard to Thomason Barn Road to a four lane roadway.

Telegraph Road Commuter Lot (December 2011 - August 2012)

Telegraph Road Commuter Lot Phase II- (October 2012 - August 2014)

This project involves the design and construction of an over 700 space commuter lot located at the old Potomac-Rappahannock Transportation Commission (PRTC) bus garage property on Telegraph Road.  The project will be constructed in two phases.  Phase I will include the construction of over 500 spaces of the commuter lot.  Phase II will include roadway improvements to Telegraph Road to accommodate adequate ingress and egress to the lot, construction of the remaining commuter lot spaces, as well as the construction of a pedestrian trail connecting the new lot with the existing Prince William Parkway/I-95 Commuter Lot.

Mountain Road Improvements (June 2012-November 2012)

This project consists of improving and paving 0.28 miles of Mountain Road from Bear Hollow Trail to Jackson Hollow Road in the Gainesville District of Prince William County.  Work includes a new concrete arch span (bridge) over Catharpin Creek, installation of erosion control devices, installation of a new storm drainage system, guardrail, curbing, and new traffic signs.

University Boulevard Progress Court (April 2011-July 2013)

This project includes the design and construction of a four-lane divided facility where University Boulevard meets Progress Court. The project will be constructed in phases.


Finished Road Bond Projects 

The Prince William Department of Transportation undertakes road projects that have been approved by County voters as part of a road bond referendum. Voter approval allows the County to sell bonds in order to establish funding for projects. These projects are suggested by citizens, Board of County Supervisors, police or staff to help improve road safety and traffic congestion issues. The following projects have been completed through this process. 

1998 County Road Bond Projects

Wellington Road
Total Cost - $9,783,821.48
Wellington Road was widened from just west of the Nissan Pavilion and connected to improvements at Virginia Gateway. The project included the realignment and signalized timing of the Wellington Road, Devlin Road and Balls Ford Road Intersections.  Wellington Road now connects to the future East/West Connector.
Spriggs Road Phase I 
Total cost - $19,370,967.49 
The Spriggs Road Improvement Project-Phase I  included widening and improving the existing two (2) lane facility to a four (4)lane divided roadway with five (5) foot concrete sidewalk and eight (8) foot asphalt trail divided roadway between Minnieville Road (Route 640) and Dumfries Road (Route 234). The project included improving the current alignment by removing sharp curves and moving its intersection with Route 234 west of its current location. The project also included the improvement and flattening of the curve on Minnieville Road south of Spriggs Road. 
Spriggs Road Phase II
Total Cost - $24,712,618.35
The Spriggs Road Improvement Project - Phase II will included widening and improving the existing two (2) lane facility to a four (4) lane divided roadway with five (5) foot concrete sidewalk and eight (8) foot asphalt trail between Hoadly Road (Route 624) to 1500 feet north of Minnieville Road (Route 640). The project will included improving the current alignment by removing sharp curves and installing traffic signals along Spriggs Road at the following intersections: Hoadly Road Saunders Middle School and Hylton High School.


Prince William Parkway Extension
Total Cost - $12,493,351.68


Prince Parkway was extended to U.S. Route 1 allowing direct access to and from Route 1 to Prince William Parkway.
Linton Hall Road
Total Cost - $39,234,832.67


A new four-lane facility between Sudley Manor Drive and Route 28. The project included a bridge expansion over the Broad Run. This project was awarded under a Public Private Transportation Act (PPTA) contract.


2002 Road Bond Projects

Benita Fitzgerald Drive

Total Cost - $4,065,228.20


The new 1083 linear feet four-lane divided facility was extended from the existing terminus of Benita Fitzgerald Drive to an intersection with Cardinal Drive. The project included the construction of dual left lanes and right lanes at Cardinal Drive.
Sudley Manor Drive Phase I and II
Total Cost - $36,144,996.67
This four-lane divided facility extended Sudley Manor Drive for approximately 11000 linear feet from Chatsworth Drive on a southwestern direction over the Norfolk Southern Railroad and intersection at grade with Route 234 Bypass and connecting with Sudley Manor Drive in the vicinity of Linton Hall Road. The project also included widening sections of Linton Hall Road.


Prince William Parkway Intersection with Minnieville Road
Total Cost - $2,240,836.09


The project improved the intersection by adding extra lanes to create triple left turn lanes from the Parkway to Minnieville Road. These and other improvements helped expedite traffic and increased safety at this busy intersection.


Prince William Parkway Intersection with Old Bridge Road
Total Cost - $2,807,146.43
The project improved the intersection by constructing addition lanes and improving the curve of the existing free flow lane.


Minnieville Road East (Caton Hill to Old Bridge)
Total Cost - $27,570,906.49
Widening a total of 10512 linear feet of Minnieville Road to a four-lane divided facility from Caton Hill Road to Old Bridge Road. The project also included the improvement and expansion of the existing Tackett's Mill Park and Ride facility.
Minnieville Road West (Cardinal Drive to Spriggs Road) 
Total Cost - $12,292,056.82
This project provided a four-lane divided facility with a raised median that widened approximately 6,709 linear feet of Minnieville Road from Cardinal Drive to its intersection with Spriggs Road.

2006 Road Bond Projects

Prince William Parkway (Hoadly Road to Old Bridge Road) ARRA Project
Total Cost - $10,435,037.80
Widening of Prince William Parkway to a six-lane divided roadway with curb and pedestrian facilities from Old Bridge Road to Hoadly Road.  The improvements took advantage of the existing six-lane section and introduced right-turn lanes where necessary and possible.
Route 1 (Joplin Road to Bradys Hill Road)
Total Cost - $67,559,706.45
This project consisted of the design of improvements for a section of Route 1 between Joplin/Fuller Road and Bradys Hill Road from its existing configuration of four-lane roadway to a six-lane divided facility.