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Current Road Projects

​The Prince William County Department of Transportation implements road projects that have been approved by the Board of County Supervisors. Projects are selected on a priority basis to improve road safety and to reduce traffic congestion. County voters also approve projects as part of a road bond referendum. Voter approval allows the County to sell bonds in order to establish funding for projects. Projects are suggested by citizens, th​e Board of County Supervisors, the Police Department, and County staff. Each project is selected based on improvements to road safety and traffic congestion issues.



*Road Closure Alert* 

Vint Hill Road (Route 215) between Schaeffer Lane and Determination Drive will be closed from 10 p.m. Friday,                November 20, 2015  to 4 a.m. on Monday, November 23, 2015 so that crews can perform water main and storm sewer line work, according to the Virginia Department of Transportation.

Traffic will be detoured via Sudley Manor Drive and Linton Hall Road to Rt. 28, and back to Vint Hill Road.


Road Projects

Click on the name of each project for a direct link to its most recent Quarterly Project Report page.

Antietam Road Sidewalk.pdf
The Antietam Road Sidewalk is a Safe Routes to School project benefitting students walking to Antietam Elementary School. The project involves the design and construction of sidewalks and crosswalks along Antietam Road from Old Bridge Road to Woodfern Court.

Blackburn Road Sidewalk.pdf                                                                                                                                                                                   This project involves the design and construction of 500 feet of new sidewalk on Blackburn Road from Rippon Boulevard to the Cow Branch Bridget to connect existing si​dewalks for better pedestrian access.  The project will also include utility relocation, environmental mitigation, and right-of-way acquisition.

Burwell Road-Fitzwater Drive Improvements.pdf
The Burwell Road/Fitzwater Drive Improvements project includes the design and construction of safety and intersection improvements at the intersection of Burwell Road and Fitzwater Drive.

Fuller Road-Fuller Heights Road.pdf (December 2009 - Present)
This project will widen Fuller Road which is the entrance road to serving the Quantico Marine Corps. Base the Town of Quantico and communities adjacent to the base. The improvements will involve the widening of the existing four-lane undivided section of a four-lane divided section of roadway and the relocation of Fuller Heights Road east to provide for the maximum spacing between the intersections of Route 1 and Fuller Heights Road.

Gideon Drive Sidewalk.pdf
The Gideon Drive sidewalk project will provide pedestrian continuity along Gideon Drive by constructing several proposed sections of five foot wide concrete sidewalk. The new sections of sidewalk will link with existing sections along the northbound side of Gideon Drive. The project anticipates the use of retaining walls, a segment of guardrail, and curb and gutter to minimize impacts to adjacent properties. 

Glenkirk Road Sidewalk
The Glenkirk Road Sidewalk project involves the construction of approximately 1,300 feet of sidewalk primarily within existing rights-of way and existing utility easements along the western side of Glenkirk Road. The facility will connect to an existing 10-foot shared use path on Linton Hall Road, and existing sidewalks on Sterling Point Drive and at the southern terminus of the project on Glenkirk Road.

Hellwig Park Entrance Improvement.pdf                                                                                                                                                              This proposed improvements include the relocation of the existing driveway entrance of Hellwig Park and the addition of 100-120 parking spaces within the park's property adjacent to soccer fields.  The frontage improvement will relocate the existing entrance to an approximate distance of 120' to the east and across Independent Hill Drive approach.  The improvement will also require some utility relocations, house demolition, bio-retention basin and possible pavement marking changes along Bristow Road.

Design Build Heritage Center Parkway and Route 1 Improvement.pdf
The Heritage Center Parkway and Route 1 Improvements Design-Build Project includes design and construction of improvements to extend the existing 2-lane Heritage Center Parkway located on the Marine Corp Base Quantico for approximately 0.30 miles to provide a second entrance to U.S. Route 1. The project also includes the intersection improvements to U.S. Route 1 for proper turning movements to and from Heritage Center Parkway. The construction of the new National Museum of the Marine Corps 'Day' Overlook. The project is being completed under a design-build contract administered by Prince William County Department of Transportation. Funding for the project is through grants from the State Transportation Partnership Opportunity Fund and the Heritage Foundation.

Hoadly Road Trail (Spriggs Road to Dale Boulevard)
This project includes the Design and construction of an asphalt trail for a distance of a approximately 0.4 miles on Hoadly Road between Spriggs Road and Dale Boulevard.

Minnieville Road (Spriggs to Route 234).pdf   
This project is part of the 2006 Road Bond Referendum approved by the voters of Prince William County on November 7, 2006. The project widens Minnievil​le Road from an existing two-lane roadway to a four-lane divided roadway with a raised median from Spriggs Road to Route 234.

Minnieville Road Exhibits:

Panther Pride Drive Sidewalk
The Panther Pride Drive Sidewalk Project involves the design and construction of a sidewalk and pedestrian facilities along Route 1 at Panther pride Drive.

Prince William County Parkway (Old Bridge Road to Minnieville Road).pdf
This 2006 Road Bond Referendum project widens Prince William Parkway to a six-lane divided roadway with a raised median from Old Bridge Road to Minnieville Road. Improvements will also be made at the intersection of Prince William Parkway and Hillendale Drive.

Old Bridge Road Pedestrian Improvements (Mohican Road to Dillingham Square)
The Old Bridge Road Pedestrian Improvement Project will provide the full design and construction of a pedestrian facility, approximately 3,650 feet along the northern side of Old Bridge Road (Route 641). This project will fill-in areas and improve continuity, connectivity, and linkages between schools, subdivision and commercial developments along the thoroughfare. The approximate limits of the project are between the intersections of Dillingham Square/Cricket Lane and the intersection of Mohican Road.

Piper Lane Improvement Project
The Piper Lane Improvement Project is part of the Prince William County Broad Run Commuter Lot Project which includes the design and construction of additional commuter parking spaces at the Broad Run Commuter Lot. This phase of the project includes the widening of the northbound approach of Piper Lane (Rte. 660) at the intersection of Nokesville Road (Rte. 28) and Piper Lane (Rte. 660) to provide additional channelization lanes, improve traffic level of service (LOS) and/or traffic capacity to the intersection.

Purcell Road.pdf                                                                                                                                                                                                         This project involves the improvement and widening of a section of Purcell Road from the intersection with Route 234 to west of the Purcell Branch crossing near Vista Brooke Drive to include the construction of a realigned two-lane road, improvements at the intersection of Purcell Road and Route 234, and improving an existing sharp curve on Purcell Road.   

Rollins Ford Road - (August 2011 - Present)
The Rollins Ford Road Improvement Project consists of the widening of Rollins Ford Road to a four-lane divided roadway from Vint Hill Road to the intersection of Song Sparrow Drive and Yellow Hammer Drive. This project also includes the construction of two 365' bridges spanning Broad Run, the construction of northbound lanes on Rollins Ford Road from Yellow Hammer Drive to Estate Manor Drive, the widening and reconstruction of a section of Vint Hill Road, and site preparation at the future site of the Rollins Ford Community Park.

​​Route 1- Featherstone to Mary's Way.pdf
This project involves the widening of Route 1 from Marys ​Way to Featherstone Road from a four lane undivided highway to a six lane divided highway.  The total distance of the project will be 1.3 miles and will include the construction of a 1​0 foot wide multi-modal trail and a 5 foot wide sidewalk along the sides of the route.  The project is part of the County's Six Year Capital Improvement Program (2015-2020) and was approved by the Board of Supervisors on May 6, 2014 by the passage of Res. No. 14-307.  In FY 2014, the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority funded design work in the amount of $3 million.  

Route 1- Neabsco Mills Road to Featherstone Road.pdf - (October 2012 - Present)
This project widens Route 1 north to a six-lane roadway from Neabsco Mills Road to Featherstone Road. Improvements will also be made at the intersections of Neabsco Mills Road and Dale Boulevard with Route 1. The new roadway will feature a 16 foot wide raised median with curb and gutter, on-road bike lanes, a pedestrian sidewalk, and asphalt trail.

​​Route 234-Route 1 Turn Lane Modification.pdf
This project was identified by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) for construction of a second left turn lane on Route 1 North at its intersection with Route 234.  This will improve flow of Route 1 traffic into the Route 1/Route 234 Commuter Lot.  

Smoketown Road Sidewalk                                                                                                                                                                                      This project involves the design and construction of 230 feet of new sidewalk on Smoketown Road, north from the intersection of Nazarene Way to connect with the existing sidewalk.  The project will also include utility relocation, environmental mitigation, and right-of-way acquisition.

University Boulevard Design-Build - (January 2012 - Present)
This project involves several elements including the construction of a four lane divided section of University Boulevard from Sudley Manor Drive to Hornbaker Road (which was part of the 2006 Road Bond Referendum), and the widening of the existing University Boulevard to a six lane divided roadway from Hornbaker Road to the Route 234 Bypass. Also part of this project, is the widening of Hornbaker Road from north of University Boulevard to Thomason Barn Road to a four lane roadway.

Route 28 Phase I (Linton Hall Road to Fitzwater Drive).pdf - (September 2010 - Present)
This project will widen the current two-lane undivided roadway in the section of Route 28 from Linton Hall Road to Fitzwater Drive to a four-lane Divided roadway which includes the relocation of Vint Hill Road.

Route 28 widening Exhibits:

Logmill Road Improvements.pdf - (June 2012 - Present) ​
This project involves reconstructing a portion of Logmill Road just west of Hickory Grove, beginning 1,200 feet west of Parnell Court and ending 200 feet east of Meander Creek Lane. The proposed project will increase the existing sight distance by improving the vertical geometry of the roadway, meeting AASHTO standards. The purpose of the project is to improve the safety of this section of Logmill Road.

Logmill Road Exhibits:




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