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General Address Info
Who is the Addressing Authority in Prince William County?
The GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Office for Prince William County is responsible for assigning and maintaining addresses for every parcel and premise in Prince William County (with the exception of Manassas Park and the City of Manassas). PWC GIS maintains limited information in the Towns of Dumfries, Haymarket, Occoquan and Quantico.2012-02-24_2120.png

Per the County Code of Ordinances, Article II, an address assigned by the GIS Office is the official address of record. This article also establishes that the GIS Office interprets, administers and enforces the addressing of Prince William County, including issuance of violations to ensure compliance to the Code.
Self-addressing is not accepted in Prince William County. Failure to comply with the addressing standards or accepting addresses assigned by other entities who have not received addresses from PWC may be subject to change under the direction of the County Code of Ordinances. Financial or legal impacts of address changes are the sole responsibility of the Developer, Engineer, Architect, Business, or Owner, for example. 
It is imperative to use the address assigned by the County and post your address clearly. Using an alternate or incorrect address could result in delayed emergency service response or mail delivery, difficulty applying for permits, setting up residential service with utility companies and ultimately have financial or legal impacts.
How does GIS determine if an address is incorrect?
The GIS Office researches all inquiries received about erroneous addressing issues. Public Safety Officers, schools, postal services, voter registration, homeowners, and inspectors all take the time to report addressing problems they are experiencing. The GIS Office uses every resource possible to perform extensive research including approved site plans, recorded plats, tenant layout plans and historical records to determine the validity of an address.  
An address may come in question if problems arise because the numbers are duplicated, out of sequence or parity, do not follow the standards or cannot be accessed from the designated street. Read more about address changes.
By correcting mistakes in the County databases, this assures residents that public safety vehicles will arrive in a timely manner should an emergency situation arise and reduce issues that may occur with other entities that reference a property or business by it’s legal address.
How can I be sure that I am using the right address?
GIS will validate any address for a homeowner, business or developer. A copy of the coversheet, lot and/or tenant layout may be emailed to

Address validation by the GIS Office is required on all commercial properties when applying for a permit. In order to provide you receive fast and efficient service when validating your address for permitting purposes, please complete this fillable address validation questionnaire before coming to our office to ensure that you come will all of the required information necessary to complete the validation process.
The PWC Service Authority requires developers, etc. to complete an address listing that has to be validated by the GIS Office, when applying for water tap fees. The developer must type the addresses onto the Service Authority Address Listing Form once the plan has been approved.  You may contact our office at 703-792-6840 to request a blank PWCSA Address Listing Form for you to use as a template. This template is in Microsoft Excel format. Please DO NOT MODIFY this form. It will not be accepted if the form is modified.


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