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Geographic Information Systems


The interactive map gallery is your one stop shop for maps and information about places and services in

Prince William County, Virginia


The GIS Division is responsible for creating and maintaining Prince William County’s spatial information. Find the map products to suit your needs with help from the experienced staff. Members of the GIS Application Solutions Team work to make GIS data more accessible for customers. The GIS Data Services Team works to maintain the spatial data layers and creates new addresses and GPINs (Grid Parcel Identification Number) in the County.


What does PWC GIS have to offer?

Customers can purchase maps that are centered on a GPIN. A Map Book of taxImage of boy standing beside a globe maps for the entire County is available on CD-ROM. A variety of thematic maps are also available. Click on the Complete Map Products List for pricing and map scales available.

Interactive Mapping The PWC GIS Office has several interactive web applications that will assist with your business decisions. These applications allow users to access geographic data through interactive tools and basic map creation.
  • County Mapper is Prince William County’s interactive GIS application that allows customers to view and query the County’s GIS data. The system can help answer a variety of questions about properties, businesses and service in the County and where they are located.
  • QuickInfo allows customers to view property information without the mapping interface by entering in a GPIN or property address.
Digital Data – Prince William County spatial data can be purchased to use with your GIS software. We have 30 standard data layers available for purchase in several formats: Shapefiles and ESRI’s Personal and File Geodatabases, and KMZ. The Digital Data Request Form lists the most popular files; additional layers are available upon request.picture of a stack of survey documents
Survey Monuments – The GIS office has description sheets for Prince William County survey monuments.
Land Record Research – Most subdivision plats are on file in the GIS office. Staff is available to assist customers with land record research. GIS does not keep copies of individual house location surveys.
Parcel History – Helps to identify the Parent-to-Child and/or Child-to-Parent Relationships for a specific Grid Parcel Identification Number (GPIN)
Publications – Prince William County’s street and subdivision lists are maintained in the GIS office. The publications are available for viewing and downloading at no cost.
Copying and Lamination – Documents up to 36” in width can be copied and documents up to 40” in width can be laminated.
Addressing – As new development occurs, the GIS office assigns addresses to newly created parcels. Address verification for Service Authority tap fees are also performed by this office.Picture of a man and woman looking at map
Parcel Information – Parcels are created and their associated information is maintained by GIS staff.
Aerial Photo Research – The GIS office keeps and archive of aerial photographs for customer use. The 1937, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2013 aerial photography is available using the online County Mapper application. Customers are welcome to conduct research of all other aerials at our office. It is recommended that customers bring a digital camera.
Election Map Products – Find a voting location near you with our election map products.


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