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Addressing and Permits


Addresses are validated by the GIS Office to ensure the proper location and sequencing of numbers for tenant spaces or structures. Staff verifies the address and space location with the use of approved site plans, tenant layout and recorded plats. Address verification is the first step in obtaining a PWC business license and ensures that all of the permits obtained are issued under the correct address.  
In order to provide you receive fast and efficient service when validating your address for permitting purposes, you can complete this fillable address validation questionnaire before arriving at our office to ensure that you come will all of the required information necessary to complete the validation process.
Unoccupied Structures  
Walls.jpgUnoccupied structures need addresses assigned for permitting purposes only and are not required to be posted. Examples of unoccupied structures are retaining walls, cell towers, electrical boxes, light meters, signs, utility rooms and many more. GIS will be your first stop in the development services processes to get your unoccupied structure address assigned.
If the structure is freestanding, the GIS Office assigns an address with an unoccupied structure code. In some cases the structure is attached to a building so the building address along with the unoccupied structure code will make up the unoccupied structure address (3900 Fettler Park DR ULM001)
Service Authority Address Listings
Address listings for new developments must accompany any requests for a Utility Permit. Utility Permit fees and Tap fees cannot be paid until this form is received by Engineering at the Prince William County Service Authority. Prior to submitting the forms to the PWCSA, the GIS Office must sign off on the form to validate the addresses.
Addresses are assigned during the review of proposed development plans. This information is then provided to the developer. The developer must type the addresses onto the Service Authority Address Listing Form once the plan has been approved.  You may contact our office at 703-792-6840 to request a blank PWCSA Address Listing Form for you to use as a template. This template is in Microsoft Excel format. Please DO NOT MODIFY this form. It will not be accepted if the form is modified.
Address listings are only verified against the approved site/subdivision plan and/or the recorded plat. The address verification process requires one (1) business day, after which the listing with the original approved signature, is available for pickup at the GIS Customer Service Counter. The Service Authority does not accept facsimiles.
The completed address listing(s) may be sent to the GIS Office for verification via hand delivery, mail, email or fax to 703-792-7192. The preferred method is email in the GIS excel template along with your contact information.
If sent by email and a minor mistake is found, the GIS Office will correct the mistake and approve the verification. A copy will then be forwarded to the Prince William County Service Authority and a PDF copy of the approved listing will be sent to the customer.  Customers may then go directly to the Prince William County Service Authority located at 4 County Complex Court, Woodbridge, VA.  Customers may contact them directly at 703-335-7900 with questions regarding their Tap Fee process.



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