Address Changes

Prince William County GIS Office has the authority to enforce the address number system that is set forth in the Code of Ordinances. When it is determined that a person is in violation of any part of this code, the GIS Office will notify the owner of the property and/or business. Addresses may be changed when problems, such as the following, arise:
  • Address numbers are duplicated
  • Address numbers are out of sequence
  • Driveway locations are on corner lots
When addresses are changed, notification is mailed to all property owners involved or affected by the change. Notification is also sent to County agencies, utility companies and post offices through eNotifications,
Notification of Address Changes 
Calendar Year 2015
​     March 11, 2015 March 18, 2015                                                  
Calendar Year 2013
Calendar Year 2012
Calendar Year 2011 
Notifications from previous years are archived here.
If you would like to receive email notices of address changes and many other topics within PWC, you can subscribe free of charge for eNotifications. Check the box marked County Address Changes.
Contact the GIS office at 703-792-6840 for more detail about addressing information.