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Development Services
Commercial Project Management Program

What is Project Management?

Prince William County’s Development Review, Construction Inspection and Code Enforcement agencies have united efforts to redesign their business processes to align with the County’s Vision and Values. To accomplish this primary goal, the Prince William County development community and County development agencies have created a mutually supportive environment where the customer and staff work creatively together through teamwork to provide a process that is better coordinated, more timely, and is more predictable for the customer.

Project-Oriented Culture

Our development processing system centers on an innovative Project–Oriented Culture with three key elements:

  1. Project Approach
  2. Partnership Approach to Customer Service
  3. Project Management

Project Approach

Our new approach ensures that services are comprehensive and seamless from the customer’s perspective. Once the customer’s “immediate project objectives” are understood, the County coordinates communications processes and actions through the entire development process. We accomplish this by:

A: Identifying the approvals and permits that make-up the “immediate project objective” as shown in Figure 1.


B: The County facilitates the processing steps from early assistance to certification of occupancy or final acceptance. The customer will interact with the County in one or more business processes as shown in Figure 2.


Partnership Approach to Customer Service

Prince William County staff is committed to a cooperative relationship -- a partnership  -- between the customer and staff working together to identify options on project issues, and bringing resolution to problems quickly. This partnership results in a process which has greater predictability resulting in a more timely and efficient process. Three ideas and practices will be established to support this partnership.

  1. Staff uses supportive communications.
  2. Structured and adequate time is allotted to discuss and resolve issues.
  3. Staff and customer are tasked to be creative in finding ways to resolve issues within the
    regulatory framework.

Object of Project Management

Project management is the County’s methodology to assist the customer with processing their “immediate project objective” through the development system in an efficient and timely manner. This method promotes coordinated County responses to a project, rather than allowing fragmented permits or responses from individual disciplines or departments. In order for Project Facilitation to work effectively, three key roles have been defined, and must function together throughout the process. These three key roles are shown in Figure 3:

  1. Appointing a Process Management Team (PM) to guide the customer’s project through the system.
  2. Appointing a Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) to provide all the expertise needed for review.
  3. The customer and/or his or her designated representatives participate as responsive partners on the team.


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