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Message from the Director of Development Services - 1/14/15
We are two months into the rollout of the new EnerGov system.  Staff members are continuing to gain more experience and confidence with navigating the system.  We are pleased to report our customer lobby wait times have been substantially reduced since the initial implementation date (November 12, 2014). 
Here is a sampling of the data to highlight this improvement.
  •  November 12 – November 18:  Average customer wait times (all development counters) = 37 minutes 45 seconds
  • January 5 – January 9:  Average customer wait times (all development counters) = 15 minutes 54 seconds
There are other areas within the EnerGov system that we are now focusing our efforts to continue improving the functionality of the system; for example, e-permits, land development plan review comments, etc.  As with the implementation of any new system, there will be glitches or bugs that need worked through to realize the full potential of the system.  Staff is committed to working through these items to ensure your experience with EnerGov is as effective and efficient as possible.
I will continue to provide you with updates on our efforts to rollout system improvements.  Thanks for your patients and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns.
Wade Hugh
Director of Development Services
Prince William County implemented a new Development Management System (DMS), EnerGov, on November 12, 2014. The new DMS has many benefits and will help expedite services that are provided by all Development Services Agencies. Please be patient while we transition to our new system. Some services may take longer than expected so please plan your development services activities accordingly. 


What does that mean for you as a Customer of  Prince William County? 


ePortal Services 

The new DMS also provides customers with 24/7 access to project information through a one-stop online portal, The Development Services ePortal,  that replaces many of the eServices such as:

  • ePlanStatus
  • ePermits
  • eInspections
  • eInspectionSchedule
  • Land Plan Review Status


ePortal Services requires users to register for an account in order to perform some functions. To expedite your use of the ePortal site you may REGISTER ONLINE for an ePortal account.



 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why did the County go to a new system?
    • ​Prince William County’s Development Agencies needed to implement a new technology to replace the aging Tidemark system. The new system, EnerGov,  is an enterprise application that is fully integrated with the GIS, is mobile enabled and helps streamline regulatory processes that govern licensing, permitting, land management and citizen response.

  • Does this require action on my part?
    • ​Yes, you will be asked to fill out a form with your company/contact information and submit it the first time you do business with PWC. The new system offers many improvements over the old Tidemark system and required us to change some of practices and procedures, such as the way we handle Global Contacts. Entering global contacts from the required form provides us an opportunity to revisit and validate information associated with all customers.

  • What is ePortal and why should I use it?
    • The ePortal System is a website that offers 24-hour access to the following services: Permits, Inspections, Plans, Requests, and Code Enforcement. It is replacing the outdated technology used for the homegrown applications: ePlanStatus, ePermits, eInspections, eInspectionSchedule, Land Plan Review Status . The system also gives customers and citizens the ability to view and track development plans that have been submitted into the County system.  The data that is viewed through the ePortal comes directly out of the EnerGov system so that the most up-to-date comments and information is available to the viewer. Online Services provides citizens, contractors, developers, and agencies an opportunity to conduct business over the internet 24/7. ePortal significantly improves the development processes by integrating the following functions: permitting, inspections, business home improvement contractor licensing , citizen request, land use planning and project review.  

  • Who do I call if I experience issues?
    • The County has set up a Customer Call Center to assist with customer questions and basic technical support. You may contact the Customer Call Center (703-792-6875), Monday through Friday 8:00am to  5:00pm or email at


  • I am a long time customer, why do I have to provide contact information?
    • Global contact information in the new DMS is handled much differently than it was in the previous system. Because we will be creating contacts from scratch, this provides us an opportunity to revisit and validate information associated with all customers. The  DMS system will require Prince William County staff to verify and validate all contact information entered into the system. This will ensure that the most accurate information is received and staff can provide the best customer service possible using a partnership approach.

  • Do I have to use the ePortal for Inspection scheduling?
    • No. You may continue to schedule or cancel inspections by phone through the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system at 1-866-457-5280.The new IVR no longer asks you for your Permit number. You will be required to have the 6 digit IVR pin number associated with your permit. Your pin number is located on the top right hand corner of your permit. If you are unable to locate your pin number, please call us at 703-792-6875.

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Frequently Asked Questions


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