Resubmissions after Plan Review Comments


  • Building Plan Review Resubmissions may not be faxed. Two sets of full size sheets are required. (Only submit the sheets to be changed.)
  • All requirements of the pre-submission checklist remain in effect for resubmission.
  • If the resubmission alters sheet numbers, a new pre-submission checklist is required. Also coordinate changes with the drawing index on the cover sheet.
  • Reminder: resubmissions are subject to credential guidelines. Original designer credentials seals signatures and dates are required in accordance with Virginia regulations.
  • A cover letter is required for resubmission. The cover letter(s) shall contain the project name, number, address, and an itemized response to each of the numbered comments from the reviewer(s). A copy of the comments from the reviewer(s) must be attached to the cover letter. See the Building Development Policy 2.3 Resubmission-Revision Cover Letter for more information. Use the Resubmission - Revision Cover Letter for Commercial Projects.
  • New sheets will be quality control checked and date stamped when accepted.
  • It is the Customer's responsibility to insert new sheets correctly and in proper order.
  • Fees for resubmissions are listed on the approved Building Development Fee Schedule. (Note that we currently only accept cash or checks.)