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Building Development Division
Building Code Interpretations (Current)


The International Code Council publishes Interpretation Manuals for the International Codes. Contact the International Code Council (888-699-0541), or visit the Council's website to purchase the relevant manual.

The Virginia State Technical Review Board issues interpretations for the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code (VUSBC). Contact the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development at 804-371-7170 or visit the website.

The Prince William County Building Official issues interpretations to clarify the technical requirements of the VUSBC. Interpretations are typically issued as a result of a specific question from citizens, contractors, or County staff. If an individual disagrees with an interpretation, an appeal can be filed with the Prince William County Board of Building Code Appeals. Following are the interpretations issued by the Prince William County Building Official:




 Number  Description  Code/Section  Issued
 2006-01*  Piers, Wharves, and Boat Docks  USBC Section 109


 2006-02*  Permit Required - Mechanical  USBC Section 109  04/01/10
 2006-03*  Expansive Soil As Fill Material    IRC Section 401  04/01/10
 2006-04*  Through-wall Penetration by Structural Members    IBC Chapter 7  04/01/10
 2006-05*  Means of Egress Lighting   IBC Chapter 10  04/01/10
 2006-06*  Emergency Systems  NEC Article 700  04/01/10
 2006-07*  Sprinkler System in Unheated Space   NFPA 13R-91  04/01/10
 2006-08  Abandoned Projects  USBC Section 118  04/01/10
 2006-09  Exit Discharge - Playground Egress  IBC Section 1008  04/01/10
 2006-10  Exterior Exit - Means of Egress Illumination  NEC Article 700.12  04/01/10
 2006-11  Doors - Locks and Latches  IBC Section 1008  04/15/10


*Note: The asterisk (*) next to interpretations above indicates an interpretation that was issued under a previous edition of the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code and has been updated to be consistent with the current Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code. The previous interpretations can be viewed at Building Code Interpretations (Archive).


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