About the Development Management System (DMS) Project
The focus of the new Development Management System (DMS) is to have an enterprise application that is fully integrated with the County’s Geographic Information System (GIS) and supports the development processes for permitting, plan review, inspections, code enforcement, case/project management, economic development, and other development activities. The new system will provide customers with 24/7 access to their project information, more online functionality, workflow efficiencies, and support the project and partnership approach. Establishing a system that is GIS-centric and project management oriented will help provide a solid foundation for future efficiencies within development service agencies.
The IDEA Team
The Interagency Development Enterprise Analysis (IDEA) team was charged with evaluating replacement options of the current permitting system. This group of employees was selected by the development agencies' directors because each has extensive experience with County business functions and knowledge to offer. The Agencies represented are:
  • Department of Development Services
    • Land Development Division
    • Building Development Division
  • Department of Fire & Rescue
    • Fire Marshal's Office
  • Department of Public Works
    • Environmental Services
    • Neighborhood Services
  • Department of Information Technology
    • Geographic Information Systems
    • Business Applications
  • Department of Transportation
  • Office of Planning
    • Zoning Administration
    • Current Planning
    • Long-range Planning