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FY2018 Budget Adoption
Adopted Budget Resolutions and Ordinance
The Board of County Supervisors approved the following resolutions and ordinance during the April 19, 2017, budget adoption meeting. The staff report is also available below.
A - Resolution: Adopt Fiscal Year 2018 Real Estate Property Tax Levy, Fire Levy, Personal Property Tax Levies, Business, Professional And Occupational License Tax Levies, Motor Vehicle License Tax Levies, Personal Property Tax Relief, Special District Levies, And Parks And Recreation Fees To Support The Fiscal Year 2018 All Funds Budget

B - Ordinance: Adopt Fiscal Year 2018 Stormwater Management Fees, Solid Waste User Fees, Land Development Application Review and Inspection Fees, Land Use Application (Zoning, Rezoning And Special Use Permit) Fees, Building Development Fees, And Fire Marshal's Office Fees To Support The Fiscal Year 2018 All Funds Budget

  • Attachment 1- Land Development Application Review and Inspection Fee Schedule
  • Attachment 2 - Development Services Building Development Division Fee Schedule
  • Attachment 3 - Individual Fire Protection Inspection Fees

C - Resolution: Budget and Appropriate the Fiscal Year 2018 All Funds Budget, Adopt the Fiscal Year 2018-2023 Capital Improvement Program (CIP), And Transfer, Budget and Appropriate $12,903,274 from the Capital Reserve for One-Time Expenditures

D - Resolution: Budget and Appropriate Fiscal Year 2018 School Budget

E - Resolution: Budget, Appropriate and Transfer Fiscal Year 2018 Transit Special Revenue Fund

F - Resolution: Authorize Amendments to the Position Classification Plan In Accordance With the County's Adopted Compensation Policy

  • Attachment - FY2018 Budget Recommendations, Annual Benchmark Survey Final Recommendations

G - Resolution: Authorize the Contribution Of Fiscal Year 2018 Operating Surplus to Maintain the Required Unassigned Fund Balance At 7.5% Of General Fund Revenues and Maintain 2.0% Of General Fund Revenues In the Revenue Stabilization Fund Reserve

H - Resolution: Provide Direction to County Executive

I - Resolution: Adopt Fiscal Year 2018-2022 Five-Year Plan

  • Attachment - FY2018-2022 General Fund Resource and Expenditure Projection



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