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Welcome to the Office of Management and Budget
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FY2016 Budget
The Board of County Supervisor (BOCS) adopted  the FY2016 Budget on Tuesday, April 21, 2015, and is now available online below. Also available online are the adopted FY2016 Budget resolutions and ordinances.
​Budget Sections​Section Details


​Table of Contents


​Organization Chart, Board of County Supervisors, Transmittal Letter,  and Budget Highlights

Budget Development Process

​State Budget Requirements, Elements of the PWC Budget, Policies & Practices for Budget Preparation, PWC Accounting Systems, and Resource Allocation

Budget Summary

​Revenue vs. Expenditure Comparison, Five-Year Budget Plan, Revenue Projections, Expenditure Projections, and Revenue Stabilization Fund


​All Funds Revenue Summary, General Fund Revenue Summary, General Fund Revenue Summary, and General Revenue


​County Expenditures

Agency Information

​Functional Areas and Agency Budgets

Community Development

2013-2016 Strategic Plan (Community Development), Development Services, Economic Development, Library, Parks & Recreation, Planning, PWC/Manassas Convention & Visitors Bureau, Public Works, Transit, and Transportation

General Government

​Board of County Supervisors, Audit Services, Contingency, County Attorney, Elections, Executive Management, Finance, Human Resources, Human Rights, Information Technology, and Management & Budget

Human Services

​2013-2016 Strategic Plan (Human Services), Area Agency on Aging, Community Services, Housing & Community Development, Public Health, Social Services, Virginia Cooperative and Extension

Public Safety

​2013-2016 Strategic Plan (Public Safety), Adult Detention Center, Circuit Court Judges, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Commonwealth's Attorney, Criminal Justice Services, Fire & Rescue, Fire & Rescue Companies, Volunteer, General District Court, Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court, Juvenile Court Service Unit, Law Library, Magistrates, Police, Public Safety Communications, Sheriff's Office


​2013-2016 Strategic Plan (Education) and Prince William County Public Schools



General Debt

​Debt Management in PWC, Bond Rating, Debt Management Policy Statement, Debt Capacity, New & Existing Debt Service, and Funding Sources

Community Partners

​Funding Provided to Community Partners

Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

​CIP Summary, Community Development Projects, General Government Projects, Public Safety Projects, and Transportation Projects


​Map of PWC, History of PWC, Statistical & Background Information, Glossary, Abbreviations, and Index



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​FY2016 Citizen Guide

See a synopsis of the FY2016 Budget.
Your Tax Dollars At Work​View how the tax bill has changed from FY2014 to FY2016.  Using the average tax bill, this page shows what services were funded during each fiscal year.


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