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FY2017 Budget

Adopted Budget News

The Board of County Supervisors adopted an all funds budget of $2.85 billion for FY17.  The FY17 general fund budget is $1.07 billion, with a $526 million dollar transfer to the Schools.  The real estate tax rate supporting the FY2017 Budget is held flat at $1.122, the same rate as FY16.  The fire levy rate is $0.705.  All other fees and levies were adopted at the advertised rate.


The all-funds expenditure summary follows below.

Section One: General Fund Expenditure Summary


​FY17 Adopted Budget

Community Development: 
Economic Development$2,611,164
Parks & Recreation$18,960,170
Public Works$32,162,434
Transfer to Convention & Visitors Bureau$1,180,801
Transfer to Parks & Recreation Enterprise Fund$3,096,452
Transfer to Special Revenue Fund$4,135,432
General Government: 
Board of County Supervisors$3,622,355
Audit Services$773,715
County Attorney$3,706,781
Executive Management$3,867,493
Human Resources$3,191,554
Human Rights$589,966
Information Technology$140,000
Management & Budget$1,708,165
Human Services: 
Area Agency on Aging$5,805,790
Community Services$41,109,964
Public Health$3,323,535
Social Services$43,423,906
Transfer to Housing & Community Development$21,414
Virginia Cooperative Extension Service$790,471
Public Safety: 
Circuit Court Judges$770,186
Clerk of the Circuit Court$3,952,424
Commonwealth's Attorney$5,561,010
Criminal Justice Services$3,957,294
Fire & Rescue$82,040,681
General District Court$271,842
Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court$107,460
Juvenile Court Service Unit$835,939
Law Library$124,301
Public Safety Communications$11,002,823
Transfer to Adult Detention Center$26,924,874
Transfer to Construction Funds$7,707,244
Transfer to Vol. Fire Construction Fund$451,994
Transfer to IT Internal Serv Const Fund$175,000
Transfer to Enterprise Fund$35,000
General Debt$57,837,793
NoVa Criminal Justice Training Academy Debt$383,547
Unclassified Administrative$6,294,384
​Hylton Performing Arts Center$2,046,529
​Northern Virginia Community College$1,018,883
Pass-Through Collections to Commonwealth: 
​NVTA Transient Occupancy Tax Revenue$1,400,000
​Sheriff Fees to Commonwealth$500,000
Property & Misc. Insurance$1,260,491
Transfers to Schools: 
​Cable Grant$847,290
Federal Govt. Reimbursement on Schools' Debt​$1,384,746
Unemployment Insurance Reserve$125,000
Total Without School Transfer$542,458,811
Transfer To Schools$526,177,581
Total With School Transfer$1,068,636,392



Section Two: Non-General Fund Expenditure Summary

Department/AgencyFY17 Adopted Budget
Special Revenue Funds: 
Adult Detention Center$41,500,966
Community Development Authorities (CDA): 
​Cherry Hill CDA$1,524,361
​Heritage Hunt CDA$169,000
​Virginia Gateway CDA$900,000
Fire and Rescue Levy$45,297,591
Fire Marshal's Office$1,066,598
Lake Jackson Service Dist.$165,311
Bull Run Mountain Serv. Dist.$200,000
Mosquito & Forest Pest Mgmt. Control Dist.$1,808,077
234 Bypass Trans Imprv Dst$276,200
Public Works - Stormwater Mgmt.$8,490,221
Public Works - Site Dev. Fee$3,042,208
Planning - Site Dev. Fee$1,984,509
Transportation - Site Dev Fee$2,127,180
Development Services - Dev Fee$14,318,474
Housing & Community Dev.$35,058,024
Total Special Revenue Funds$157,928,720
Capital Projects Fund: 
Capital Improvement Projects$36,155,250
Total Capital Projects Fund$36,155,250
Enterprise Fund: 
Parks & Recreation$16,745,224
Public Works; Solid Waste$24,956,541
Innovation Business Park$195,000
Total Enterprise Fund$41,896,766
Internal Service Funds: 
Public Works; Fleet Management$8,295,746
DoIT; Data Processing$29,690,059
Medical Insurance$68,932,000
Public Works; Small Proj. Const.$2,058,102
Total Internal Service Funds$108,975,907
Grand Total All County Funds$1,413,593,034
Operating Fund$990,713,694
School Debt Service Fund$88,351,647
Construction Fund$141,872,070
Food Service Fund$50,111,937
Facilities Use Fund$1,367,269
Self Insurance Fund$5,319,343
Health Insurance Fund$98,346,501
Regional School Fund$51,300,000
Governor's School @ Innovation Park$877,945
Aquatics Center$2,266,235
School Age Child Care Program Fund$630,000
Total Schools$1,435,906,641
Grand Total All County and School Funds$2,849,499,675

NOTE: Totals may not add due to rounding.



For more information, contact or visit: 

Office of Management and Budget
Michelle Casciato, Budget Director
1 County Complex Court, Suite 225 (MC435), Prince William, VA 22192

Office Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 a.m. (Mon-Fri)  | (703) 792-6720


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