Prince William County Audit Services   

Upon recommendation of the Board Audit Committee, the Board of County Supervisors issued a directive to expand use of an independent auditing firm to provide internal audit services  (Resolution No. 12-880).  Therefore, effective Feb. 28, 2013, audit services for Prince William County Government will be done through an independent firm.  As more information is available, this page will be updated.
Prince William County Audit Services is an independent department of Prince William County Government that monitors, evaluates, reviews and conducts tests of the County’s system of internal controls. Audit Services is  designed by management to ensure that (1) County operations are effective, efficient, economical and ethical; (2) financial statement records and reports are accurate, reliable and complete; and (3) County personnel, programs, agencies, departments and offices comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Audit Services also conducts independent internal investigations based on information provided by others, including callers to our  hotline (703-792-6884) for reporting fraud, waste or abuse of County resources.

The Audit Services Department: works for the Board of County Supervisors and the Board Audit Committee; works with County senior management; and is accountable to the citizens of Prince William County.


Internal Audit Contract Administrator: Waqar Bajwa
Audit Services, Prince William County Government
5 County Complex Court, Suite 105
Prince William, VA 22192
Office Phone: 703-792-6802
Office Fax: 703-792-6899 


Fraud, Waste, & Abuse Hotline: 703-792-6884