The Mission of the Adult Detention Center is

    • To provide for the secure, safe and healthful housing of the prisoners admitted to the Detention Center.
    • To ensure the safety of the Detention Center staff.
    • To conduct rehabilitative programs that reduce the likelihood of recidivism among prisoners released from the Detention Center.
    • To do these things in as cost-effective a manner as possible.

To contact the Adult Detention Center:

  • Visit or write to 9320 Lee Avenue, Manassas, VA 20110
  • Send an email to the ADC
  • Call the ADC:


​Main Number 703-792-6420​
​Fax ​703-792-6718
​Superintendent's Office ​703-792-6417
​Human Resources ​703-792-5840 or 703-792-6442
​Inmate Records ​703-792-5811
​Inmate Accounts ​703-792-6448
Work Release ​703-792-5830
​Inmate Telephone Office ​703-792-5414
​Finance Department ​703-792-6495
​Inmate Medical ​703-792-6446
​Chaplain's Office ​703-792-6550
​Reintegration Services ​703-792-5845
Substance Abuse Counseling Office ​703-792-7789
​Peumansend Creek Regional Jail ​703-792-0043
​Volunteer Services - Inmate Programs Coordinator ​703-792-6429