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Q:  Did you receive my application?
A:   You should have received an acknowledgement message when you submitted your application.  If in doubt, go back to the account you set up on, and you should see the positions for which you applied.  If our position is not listed, you will need to reapply and/or check with customer service.
Q:  How do I change information on my application after I have submitted it?
A:   Changes in name, address, phone and email are made in your account.  You can email us at 
for the following changes only:  a change in college degree; a change in EMS certification; a change in fire certifications; or a change in hazmat certifications.
Q:  What do I do if my address, phone number or email address changes after I applied:
A:  You need to go back to your  account and correct the information on your profile.
Q:  I’ve applied—what happens next?
A:  If you are invited to take our written test, you will be notified by email and given instructions for making a test reservation.  See our Application and Selection Process Schedule on our Links and Resources page.
Q:  Do I need firefighter or emergency medical service training and experience in order to be considered for employment?
A:  No, but we give hiring preference to Virginia or Nationally Certified Paramedics.
Q:  Will negative points on my driving record affect my chances of being considered?
A:  We cannot hire anyone with more than 5 negative points on their record.
Q:  Once I have completed the process, will I be hired?
A:  This is a competitive process, and not all candidates can be hired.
Q:  How many candidates do you hire and how often to you have recruit schools?
A:  Based upon budget considerations, there are approximately twenty to thirty candidates hired per recruit school and two recruit schools per year starting in January and July.  This is subject to change.
Q:  If I took the written test with another jurisdiction, is my score accepted by you?
A:  No, our applicants are required to test with us.
Q:  If I have successfully passed the Candidate Physical Ability test (CPAT) with another jurisdiction, can I be exempted from your CPAT?
A:  You may be CPAT exempted as long as you have provided valid documentation with verification that you have successfully passed CPAT with a jurisdiction licensed under the IAFF and IAFC.  However, a valid CPAT must have been completed no sooner than the date stated in our CPAT notification.
Q:  I took the written exam and failed.  When can I reapply?
A:  You can reapply for our next hiring process and have an opportunity to retest.
Q:  What are the working hours of this position?
A:  We work a 48-hour work week in either of two shifts: 1) Monday – Friday; 12-hour workdays (6 am – 6 pm); with a rotating day off (i.e. work 4 days per week; no evenings, weekends or holidays); OR 2) a 24-hour on / 48-hour off schedule for designated apparatus; (6 am – 6 am.)
Q:  I am a career Firefighter/EMT in another jurisdiction, do you accept lateral transfers without competition?
A:  We do not accept lateral transfers.  All applicants are required to complete a competitive process; however, your background may make you a more competitive candidate.
Q:  I am in the military and want to start the process, when should I submit an application?
A:  We highly recommend you apply about 6 – 12 months prior to your end time in service.  Our training academies generally start in January and July.  You will need to be available to complete all scheduled events as failure to do so will disqualify you from the current process.
Q:  Do you hire individuals who are not United States citizens?
A:  You do not need to be a U. S. citizen; however, you must present official documentation that you are legally eligible to work in the U. S.
Q:  Do you consider applicants who have legal, drug, etc. issues in their backgrounds?
A:  Please read the Qualifications Section of our web site.  We will consider these issues on an individual basis.  However, you will be disqualified if you are not truthful about these issues on your application or any time during the selection process.
Q:  How do I find out if a medical condition is not allowed under National Fire Protection Association regulations?
A:  Individuals may inquire via email to or by letter to PWC Fire & Rescue, Personnel Section, 8494 Kao Circle, Manassas, VA 20110.  Your inquiry will be referred to Prince William County’s Employee Health office, and you will be notified.