The Office of Health and Safety is here for you, the member, and is available to assist you in any way possible.
Current Health and Safety Officers and contact listing:
Battalion Chief Stephen Yannarell
Office: 703-792-6388
Mobile: 571-722-3072
Captain Tracey A. LaBass
Office:  703-792-6372
Mobile:  571-722-8410
Lieutenant Chad M. Briggs
Office:  703-792-4474
Mobile:  571-641-6197
Lieutenant Andrew F. Pagano
Office:  703-792-5206
Mobile:  571-488-8542
Lieutenant Robert Lee Presgrave
Office:  703-792-7108
Mobile:  571-722-8816
Lieutenant Joe Hopper
Office: 703-792-6176
Mobile: 571-719-0258
Bonnie King (CPAT Technician)
Office: 703-792-5852
Mobile: 571-259-9767
Lisa M. Demarco Tilley, CSB Therapist IV
(Behavioral Health Specialist)
Office:  703-792-5585
Mobile:  571-722-8257
For after hours assistance, please contact the shift lieutenant in Communications (PSCC) who will in turn contact the on-duty safety officer.