Becoming a Firefighter/EMT
Putting out Flames.jpg
If you want to become a firefighter, it is important to understand what a career in public safety is all about.  A career with the Department of Fire & Rescue promises a lifetime  full of honor, pride and a sense of family.  You must be highly dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives.  You will be community heroes, and you will need to earn that respect.
  1. You do not need to have prior fire and rescue experience in order to be selected, but you do need the right inner character and motivation to succeed!
  2. When employed, you will need to prepare for a 25-week recruit school to be trained in both fire suppression and emergency medical services.  This requires intensive study and practical exercises, rigorous physical training and again, a real desire to succeed. 
  3. You need to understand the primary responsibilities:
    • Emergency medical services-basic or paramedic levels
    • Fire suppression
    • Physical training and overall fitness
    • Equipment, apparatus and station upkeep and housekeeping
    • Continuous learning, practical exercises and on-the-job training
    • Community, adult and child fire prevention activities and presentations
Finally, if you feel that this describes you, then we want you to be an employment candidate! We look forward to your participation in our selection process.