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Juvenile & Domestic Relations Court
petitions, Summons, Subpoenas and Warrants
A petition is a legal document containing the written statement which brings the case involving juveniles into Court. The petition contains facts concerning the case, and requests a hearing to determine the truth of these facts and to take whatever action is appropriate and permitted by law.
A summons is a legal document requiring a person to appear in Court at the date and time stated on the summons. The petition is delivered with the summons to those people who are required to be in Court as parties in the case. No petition is required when a juvenile is arrested and released on a summons written by an arresting officer.
A subpoena is a legal document delivered to witnesses who are required to be in Court, telling them when and where they are required to appear.
A warrant is a legal document accusing a person of committing crimes, requiring that the person be arrested, be brought before a magistrate for a pretrial release (bail) hearing and be required to appear in Court to answer the accusations.
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