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Clerk of Circuit Court
Remote Access (LRMS)

Information about TrakRecord Unlimited (TRU)

Helpful Hints

The first time logging on go to, input your current user ID and use the password sent to you in a recent e-mail. Press “log-in”.

Do not click on “Register Now”. If you do/did and are having difficulties signing-in, please send an e-mail to including the user name and password that you want to use.

User names must be at least 4 alphanumeric characters. Passwords must be alphanumeric from 5 to 50 characters long. For both user names and passwords no special characters or spaces are allowed. They are case sensitive.

The TRU Quick Search Guide is subject to change and some of it may not be relevant to Prince William's TRU, e.g.  you don't have to put your document in the cart unless you want a holding bin for some reason.  TRU Public Access Guide has more detail and is subject to change. There will be an Archives tab in the near future. Over the next several years, we will be loading documents as far back as 1731.

Based on questions, the following 1 page Help Guides are available: Chrome; Beware of Back Arrow; Select/View Document Type; Adobe Reader PDF; Internet Explorer 11; Latest Version - Clear Cache; Saving PDF as Tiff; Saving Search Criteria and Silverlight including System Requirements. The vendor recommends using Internet Explorer compatibility mode.

Problem with a yellow spinning circle? Check whether the pop-up blocker is turned on. This prevents the PayPal window from coming up on the screen. There will be some sort of message indicating this just to the right of the address window. Go to internet options and add the site to the allowed sites for pop-up blockers.

Current Version of TrakRecord is (Directions of what to do if you do not have this version.)

Remote Access to Land Records (Subscription)

The Clerk's Office is pleased to offer Remote Access to its Land Records Management System (LRMS) via the Internet. Access is available through subscription. In order to obtain a subscription, complete the Business Subscriber Agreement for Remote Access and/or Individual Subscriber Agreement for Remote Access. The Subscriber Agreement Checklist is a guide to completing the Agreement(s). Send your completed Agreement to:

Clerk of Circuit Court
Attn: LRMS Web Subscription
Room 300
9311 Lee Avenue
Manassas VA 20110

Please note we are no longer pro-rating days. Your subscription will start on the day entered into the computer.

To obtain a Government Subscriber Agreement, please call 703-792-6035 or email Please have the Virginia Code section that would apply.



Please notify the Circuit Court Clerk's Office by email if you find that any of the links on this page do not work.


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