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Clerk of Circuit Court
Fines, Court Costs and Restitution

Fines, Court Costs and Restitution

Fines, court costs and restitution can be paid in person (room 310) or by phone at 703-792-6031. For information about fines and costs, call 703-792-6031 or e-mail
When an individual is convicted of a felony or misdemeanor in the Circuit Court, fines and/or court costs will be assessed against the defendant. All court costs are assessed in accordance with the Code of Virginia. Fines and costs are due at the time of sentencing unless otherwise specified in a court order. Payment can be made via a personal check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, money order or cash. Credit cards are not accepted for restitution payments. An individual who does not promptly pay fines and court costs will be subject to the following:
  • A judgment will be entered against the defendant and interest will accrue after the due date on the balance due. A judgment is entered on all convictions that are not paid the same day. All judgments will be docketed against real estate creating a lien on the defendant's real property in the land records.
  • Unpaid balances are reported to the Department of Taxation for Set-off Debt Collection; after proper notice any tax refund or lottery proceeds due the defendant will be sent to the Clerk's Office to pay off the debt.
  • Unpaid balances are also reported to a collection agent for collection purposes.
  • Notification is sent to the Department of Motor Vehicles of any unpaid fine and/or court costs for suspension of the defendant's operator's license.
Restitution - The act of making good or giving equivalent for any loss damage or injury to the victim. If restitution is court-ordered, a plan of payment will be implemented.
Payment Instructions
Payments for fines and/or court costs are accepted Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., excluding holidays. Payments may be made in person in the Circuit Court Clerk's Office (Room 310) by credit card over the phone 703-792-6031 or via the mail. Prince William Circuit Court assesses a 3% processing fee on any payment made with a credit card.  If payment is sent through the mail and a receipt is desired, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with the payment.

Checks should be made payable to Clerk of Circuit Court. Money orders, certified checks and cashier's checks are also acceptable methods of payment.

Always indicate clearly to which account (case number and defendant name) payment is to be credited. This is very important if there are multiple accounts for the same defendant. In addition, include the defendant's name and case number on all checks or money orders for proper credit. Never send cash payments through the mail.
If your fines costs or restitution are delinquent and in collection and you have questions contact Covington Law at or call 703-369-6603. Office hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. An answering machine will take your message after 5 p.m. and on weekends. 
Please Note: Defendants paying fines and costs on financial crimes cannot pay with personal checks or credit cards for any amount; they must pay with a cashier’s check or a certified check. 
Please notify the Circuit Court Clerk's Office by email if you find that any of the links on this page do not work.


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